Particularly, the internal clock of small children and older people does have a hard time with the abrupt time change often. In principle, one goes to the switch to winter time later to the bed, but the force of habit, many of the wakes still in the morning at the usual time. The result is that One sleeps less.

Switzerland, in the night of may 28. October 2018, the watches to.The clock is put back from 3 o’clock to 2 o’clock. We gain an hour more, however, it is the winter time in the evening dark earlier.31. March 2019 is then switched back to the summer time.Not all countries use the winter time. Most of the African and Asian Nations know all year round only one time.


Zeitumst Association is to Mini-Jetlag

No wonder, then, that medical doctors speak in the case of problems due to the time change from Mini-jet-lag, because the symptoms may be those that occur after long plane journeys across time zones, are similar. read more Quite often

fatigue: on TagGereiztheitKonzentrationsschwächeschlechte mood, sleep disorders, digestive problems tips to combat Winter fatigue

the Following tips can help to accustom the body slowly to the new time.

the gradual change, rather six days, each of ten MinutenAm the eve of the changeover are already going a little later to bed.On the day of changeover, get up a little earlier than usual.In the days after the changeover as much as possible outside during the day to stop light. This helps the body’s internal clock, faster to adapt.If the previous Sleep cause a problem to you, can help herbal supplements from the pharmacy, e.g. with Valerian, hops or lemon balm or relaxation techniques.In the time of the changeover for a few days on the NAP without. (aponet)

Because it is in the summer time to an artificially introduced time-regulation measure, the benefit of all countries in the world in the same System.

country, the summer and “winter” take advantage of all the member States of the European Union States, in the same period as the EU are: Albania, Andorra, Kosovo, Faroe Islands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Serbia, Vatican city, San Marino, Moldova, Gibraltar, Ukraine (except Crimea)South America and Latin America: Brazil (part of), Paraguay, MexikoUSA, Canada and Alaska Caribbean Africa: Morocco, Namibia, and Western Sahara Asia: Mongolia Australia (partially), and new Zealand, countries without a time change Europe: Iceland used 1968 last the time change, and Russia as well as Belarus 2014Grosse parts of Asia such as China, Japan, Laos, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Saudi Arabia or Iraq to renounce the conversion.The largest part of the African countries as well.

With these twelve tips to sleep faster and better. The best Tricks to fight against sleep disorders. Give it a try!

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