Winning lottery ticket four months lay on the bottom of the handbag

a resident of the Australian city of Sydney for four months kept a winning lottery ticket at the bottom of your purse and didn’t know about his wealth. This publication reports the UPI.

a Woman bought a ticket in December and put it in her purse. She took the time to check, was whether he was winning, until then, until he was in a mode of self-isolation.

Monday, April 20, it had nothing to do I remembered about the ticket, checked it and found out that he had hit the jackpot of 1.7 million Australian dollars (81.7 million rubles).

the Winner plans to share part of the winnings with a friend who bought her ticket. “How to spend the remaining money, I don’t know. I’m still in shock and I need time to process. Now I’m at home in the mode of isolation, so I will have enough time to think about it. I know I will share the winnings with the family,” she said.

Earlier it was reported that the family of the Australian city of Drank hit the jackpot in the lottery due to the fact that 20 years have used the same set of numbers. They used the same rooms since the birth of the children.