Became known finalists of the all-Russian TV contest “TEFI-the Chronicle of Victory” by 2020. Its purpose the formation of a single information space for keeping the memory of the Heroes of the great Patriotic and the Second world war, the memory of war veterans and home front workers. This year victory will qualify 30 works in 10 categories.

Among the finalists a noticeable advantage of the famous military Thriller “T-34”. He is represented in half of the categories including best actor, actress, cinematographer, Director and film. In the category of best feature film at finale also left a military detective Alexandra Kasatkina “Three days until spring”, which is set in 1942 in Leningrad, and the film adaptation of the novel Veniamin Kaverin “Seven pairs of the unclean”.

For the title of best television feature series will compete “Sorge”, “SMERSH” and “Black jackets”. It is worth noting that among the finalists there are not only works of Moscow and St. Petersburg studios, but the film captured the regional broadcasters. For example, the documentary aired on Volgograd television, “House, who returned childhood”. In addition to his figurine TEFI expect the documentary film “the Mournful echo of the Siege” and “War and peace Daniil Granin”.

Category television short film presented this year’s “One row in the report”, “Parallel worlds, one war” and “Ban-Saint-Jean. Voices from the past”.

In the category Director for the main prize will compete Alexander Kasatkin (“Three days till spring”), Alexey Sidorov (“T-34) and Alexei Kozlov (“Save Leningrad”).

For the best expect of the actress Ekaterina Klimova, Irina Starshenbaum and Viktoriya Isakova. In the category best actor in the finals, Alexander Pankratov-Black, Alexander Petrov, and Andrei Merzlikin.

the Winners “TEFI-the Chronicle of Victory” 2020 call on August 24 at the Moscow theatre “Et Cetera”.