Winners of the award named Valentin Rasputin

on March 15, the birthday of the writer, publicist and public figure Valentin Grigorievich Rasputin summed up the second award of the season.

Photo: Mikhail Fomichev/TASS Basinsky: Rasputin did not mind and moral threat to those in the literature

the day Before by tradition of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society gathered members of the jury and representatives of the organizing Committee of the National literary prize. V. G. Rasputin, to determine the winners of 2020.

As the Chairman of the organizing Committee, managing Vice-President of Russian book Union Leonid L. Palko, just from 2 September to 17 November were received 72 applications, including from 25 Russian regions and three foreign countries (Germany, Belarus and USA). Next, the expert Council of the award has done much work on the evaluation of the received works. First works were evaluated on criteria such as commitment to the traditions of classical Russian literature, linguistic richness of the work, the architectonics of the work, its relevance, the diversity of the characters and the expressiveness of their description techniques, creating characters, etc.

the Results of the work of the expert Council was “short” list of prizes, which included:

– Boris Alekseev “Leather garments”.

– Yuri Baranov, “Heavenly life and a dog’s soul.”

– Alexander Bushkovski “Rumba”.

– Konstantin Gnetnev “Northern history”.

– Basil Kiliakov “Parcel from America.”

– Vladimir Krupin “Airtime”.

Alexander Lebedenko “Monopoly”.

– Vladimir Lichutin “I’m your brother…”.

Sergey Murashov “Mobius”.

– Mikhail Popov “the Daughter of Charon, or a Golden path across latasca waters”.

– Mikhail Tarkovsky’s “Not in their skin”.

– Vladimir Topilin “When the flower Edelweiss”.

members of the jury, Dmitry Bak (philologist, literary critic, Professor of Russian state humanitarian University, Director of the State Museum of history of Russian literature. V. I. Dahl), Alexey Varlamov (writer, publicist, philologist, rector of the Literary Institute. A. M. Gorky), Alexei Golovin (Executive Director of the Association “Orthodox book”), Sergey Dmitriev (writer, Secretary of the Union of writers Russia, chief editor of the publishing house “Veche”), Gennady Ivanov (writer, first Secretary of the Union of writers of Russia), Yury kublanovsky (poet and essayist, journalist, critic, art historian), Stanislav kunjaev (poet, essayist, literary critic, editor in chief of the magazine “Our Contemporary”), Paul Krenev (Pozdeev) (state Secretary of the Union of Russian writers, prose writer), Olga Loseva (second wife of V. G. Rasputin, doctor of arts, Professor of the Moscow Conservatory) and Vladimir SKIF (the writer, Secretary of the Union of writers of Russia), headed by jury Chairman, writer, literary historian, and critic Paul Basinskii of the 12 works included in the short list prize, selected the three works, which became the winners of the second award of the season.

Photo: Svetlana Mazurova/WG participants of the festival “Man and nature” visited the Museum of Valentin Rasputin

According to the results of the jury’s first prize was Vladimir Krupin for his new book, “Airtime” (Moscow). The value of the first prize will be 500 thousand rubles. The second prize of 200 thousand rubles will be awarded to Alexander Moskovskomu for the novel “Rumba” (Petrozavodsk). The winner of the third prize and winner of 100 thousand rubles will be Vladimir Topilin “When the flower Edelweiss” (Minusinsk, Krasnoyarsk region).

Also, the jury decided to award Spaspecial diploma for the contribution in preserving the memory of Rasputin albert Gurulev (Irkutsk).

the ceremony of awarding the laureates will take place during the festival “Red square” in June 2020.

help “RG”

national literary award named after V. G. Rasputin established by the Russian book Union and the government of the Irkutsk region in memory of the outstanding Russian writer, publicist, public figure Rasputin with the aim of finding and promoting talented authors are able to create a literary or artistic work of high quality in the traditions of Russian classical prose and make a significant contribution to the preservation and development of Russian and world literature, continuing the tradition of creativity Rasputin. The basic requirements that apply to the works of nominees are the undeniable artistic merits of the text and universal moral and Patriotic values.

the Award is held every two years with the support of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications of the state Corporation rostec.

Become a laureate of the award of any author writing prose in Russian (novels, collections of stories and/or stories) volume five author printed pages, regardless of age and place of residence. The main condition: all products-nominate should have a high literary level, novelty and originality, promote ideas of humanism, justice, morality, kindness, love for the Motherland.