The Coronavirus shows us how beautiful private wine cellar or wine cooling cabinets. Many Restaurants are closed, Bars and clubs anyway. Large Events and parties are cancelled.

As we reflect on our own Strengths, frolicking ourselves in the kitchen and see what it has to offer, the wine cellar, so to.

Hot tip in times of Corona: We can make within the family our wine and gourmet make at home yourself! And because Italy is affected by the Virus particularly bad (and you can’t go currently), we simply Sicilian moments in the living room or in the winter garden.

Sicily and its new, modern wines have it to me in the past year, particularly fond of. From the island there are great discoveries to be very much cheaper prices than, for example, in Tuscany.

Arabian wine from Sicily.

Among other things, the Sicilian Adelsgut Regaleali met me again, I wines, since 1984, treasure. The counts Tasca owner of the domain have in Sicily about five goods with very different soils and wines. The family Empire is sustainable and eco-friendly. Costanza Chirivino from the Graf family also places value on staff, carefully trained staff: “people who work with me have already worked with my grandfather.” And of course there is next to Costanza also more women in leadership positions, for example, the Winemaker Laura Orsi.

by the Way, Sicily’s roots are in large part Muslim! And “Regaleali” sounds imperial, but in truth, from the Arabic: the house of Ali. One of my most pleasant discoveries in the white wine area of Italy the 2018 Mozia Grillo of Regaleali (approx. 18 Euro per bottle) is.