The start menu in Windows 10 offers a variety of configuration possibilities. Take advantage of the opportunities that Microsoft provides and then customize the start menu according to your wishes.

1. More ads

tiles In the default setting, the start menu displays in a column, respectively, and a maximum of 3 tiles of medium size. This display lets you add an additional tile. To do this, open the Windows settings by using the key combination Windows + I and then navigate further in the personalization category Start. Now in the right half of the window slider on the Option “More tiles in the start menu to display” on. Exciting, but just no time?

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2. Fast Navigation in the App list in Windows known 10

Already? In the alphabetical listing of all the Apps, you can jump very quickly to the desired application, by clicking first on the letters in any category, and then from the list displayed the first letter of the desired program to select it. Thus, the cumbersome scrolling is not necessary in the sometimes very long list and takes you to your destination faster.

3. App list to hide

Who does not need the App list, you can hide with just a few clicks. You open it in the Windows settings for the personalization category – Start and set to disable the App list the Option for “App list in the start menu to display” on. About the experts

Jörg Hähnle author and has been writing for many years books to all versions of Windows. He runs the Forum in which users help each other in solving their PC problems and was awarded in July 2018 by Microsoft for the Windows Insider Most Valuable Professional (WI MVP).

4. App-create folders in Windows 10

Little is known about the possibility of App is create a folder in the start menu. To create move a tile while holding down the left mouse button directly on top of another tile, which will also be in the new folder added, and then release the mouse button. You can add more tiles and existing out of the folder to pull out.

5. Folder define the start menu to be displayed

the far left in the start menu, you find a narrow Guide with buttons, e.g., to the user’s profile, or also to the images folder. Here you can add additional targets on the settings – personalization – Start. Click here on the Link to select the folder displayed in the start menu and make your choice.

6. Advertising from the start menu, banish

Occasionally, Windows displays the start menu, advertising for other Apps. You can disable this in the Windows settings under personalization-Start by setting the Option “Occasionally, proposals in the start menu to display” on.

7. The start menu in full screen mode, use

you need more space in the start menu and prefer a cleaner look? You activate in the Windows-settings in the personalization category Start the Option “start menu in full screen mode” and use them as your screen.

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