(Paris) After Tim Burton, Jane Campion or Clint Eastwood and Catherine Deneuve, German filmmaker Wim Wenders will receive the 15th Lumière Award, celebrating the most important personalities of the 7th art, in October in Lyon.

Wim Wenders, 77, won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1984 for his Paris-Texas road movie. His cinema travels from divided Berlin (Wings of Desire, 1987) to Tokyo, explored in his latest film, Perfect Days, presented in competition in May at Cannes, via Cuba, for the musical documentary Buena Vista Social Club.

Wim Wenders “embodied the revival of German and European cinema at the turn of the 1970s-1980s. A filmmaker of wandering, he reinvented the road movie, ”said the Institut Lumière de Lyon, in a press release.

“Celebrating in Lyon, in the birthplace of the Lumière cinematographer, this traveling filmmaker, polymorphic and visionary virtuoso, accomplished photographer, who never stopped reinventing himself and had a thousand lives, was obvious for a long time”, adds -he.

The prize is to be awarded on October 20, during the Lumière festival (October 14-22), devoted to heritage cinema.

Created by the director general of the Institut Lumière, Thierry Frémaux, also at the head of the Cannes Film Festival, the Prix Lumière aims to “celebrate a personality for all of his work and the link he maintains with the history of movie theater “.

Among the artists already distinguished are Francis Ford Coppola, Wong Kar-wai, Martin Scorsese, Pedro Almodóvar and Quentin Tarantino.