The timing could not be for the Duchess Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (34) unfavorable: a Few days after the Royal Pair has been criticized for his private jet flights, show Prince William (37) and Duchess Kate (37), that it can be done differently. The Daily Mail are photos of William and Kate with their three children and the Nanny during the Boarding of a cheap plane to Scotland show. Price per Ticket for the flight of the British Airline Flybe: just 87 Swiss francs.

A passenger who was with the Royals on the same flight, said the British newspaper: “I could hardly believe my eyes. You don’t expect any Royals on a cheap flight. The family sat in the Front. I fly this Route again and again. No one knew that you are on this flight. Only later I realized that the mother of Kate only a few rows in front of me sass.” He says: “you were bothered by anyone. They seemed like a family that travels quite normal together.”

“A smart move on the part of the Duchess,”

Royal expert and author Robert Jobson says, this is evidence that members of the Royal family-quite the normal line can use a plane and not on private jets are dependent. “There was this week a lot of gibberish voices that claimed to fly that Meghan and Harry for security reasons in private jets. But the Royals travel for years with cheap airlines, even Princess Diana did this often,” says Jobson.

“That William and Kate do a cheap Airline to fly, proves that there are no problems, this to. And if there were, you will always have your security staff.”

“cynics might claim that William and Kate would have done it on purpose,”

The time is likely to be a coincidence. “It is a clever move on the part of the Duchess, and good for the Public. You will see the future king and his children, and that you will take a cheap flyer. If the two can, should be a certainty for Meghan, Harry, and your child possible.”

Royal author Phil Dampier adds: “The contrast between William and Kate, who are travelling with their family to Scotland, and Harry and Meghan, who will fly with private jets could not be stronger. Cynics might claim that William and Kate would have done it with intention, when you consider the reports about the bickering between the two pairs. (…) This could be a jab of Kate and William? At least you know that you would have criticised if they were flown by private jet.”

Meghan and Harry caused a Shitstorm, as they laid in eleven days, four flights with private jets back. This, after the Couple is positioned as a protector of the climate, and against the climate warming is pronounced. A number of Stars such as Elton John (72) defended the two as a result. (kad)