Odessa Residents angered by vandalism against the memory of the Soviet commander Georgy Zhukov. The bas-relief of the Marshal of the Victory dismantled the nationalists with historic buildings of the headquarters of the Odessa military district, where he worked and lived commander. Citizens will fight for his return. This was stated in the broadcast “60 minutes” the Deputy of the Odessa city Council Bogdan Giganov.

the Politician said: “I hear many indignant inhabitants of Odessa who hoped for a reaction from the local authorities and people’s deputies. But this never happened. Their outrage is already organized. Soon 100% will be protests”.

Giganov stressed that the inaction of local and Central government once again “decided to spit into the souls of Odessa”.

the Deputy drew attention to the fact that the court has not closed the case on the demolition of the first monument to Zhukov in Odessa and the nationalists dismantled the last. Also Giganov noted that this act of vandalism the police instead of to commit the offense, stopped the attempts to prevent the radicals to bring down the bas-relief.

the Further fate of the monument, according to Giganova, is still unknown. “Where were taken the bas-relief, I don’t know. I visited two museums: military history and local history — there is no relief. There is a suspicion that it just stole. It contains approximately two hundred pounds of bronze. It seems to me that the activists did so to pay for the work,” he suggested.

“Now we are trying to take away heroes, rewriting the cultural code, but we will in any case defend the case. Sooner or later all the reliefs return to their place”, — assured Giganov.