As the head of Department of the Museum “Kulikovo field” Andrey Verevkin, almost twenty years dealing with the organization of this festival of art song, originally thought to move the festival to a more comfortable time. After all, the art song is not a concert, which now many online, it and songs around the campfire, and unique nature, and most importantly – communication. But still decided to be held in online format.

Let no opportunity to meet, but will not stop, – said Andrey Verevkin. – Besides, it is now clear that this format enhances the content allows you to attract people from afar. So, said the authors of the very distant regions of Russia, and also from the USA, Kazakhstan, Israel. It is important that it was a festival, not a concert. Surpass Federal channels with their capabilities broadcasts of concerts, of course, we can’t. But we have another communication live. Imagine people from different regions and countries, those who are not met will at our sites together to sing!

the virtual festival Organizers came up with many interesting chips. Of course, this real-time communication, and the ability to offer the masters to sing along. By the way, many famous performers have already agreed to participate in “Kulikovka on-line”.

– a Desire to meet even virtual have of bards is, they responded very vigorously. Petersburgers are going to come to the recording quality from a technical point of view was spot on. The Ural group is plotting something interesting. We first encountered this format of the festival, it turned out that it requires more effort, plus the necessary specific knowledge, it is necessary to study on the go. But the main thing is not to lose heart, and then we can do it all, – said Andrey Verevkin.


As such the competition program this year is not provided. To participate, the authors were sent to the festival website videos of their songs. After selection of poets, musicians and performers will provide the opportunity to perform in the mode of a free microphone. And it will be as live broadcasts, and performances in record. A virtual gathering of fans of the bard songs involves round-the-clock communication. Of course, shows and beautiful views of the Kulikovo field, and bloom feather – what “Kulykivka” without him. For three days will work multiple scenes: the classic art song “Conservatory”, children’s song “middle of nowhere” and, of course, represent the modern and unorthodox flow of an author’s song “Here’s a wave”.