Will it become a mini-city for people with disabilities an alternative to nursing homes

“I can sit”

At a meeting with philanthropist Maria Lviv-Belova and fundraiser “Quarter Louis” Natalia Sonina went elated. For the New year “New shores” took the first 30 settlers from 12 regions of the country. By the summer, when the “Bank” will complete, settle there, 89 people from 19 regions. And most importantly, three disparate project “Kvartal Louie”, a private house-a commune, where people with disabilities learn the skills of ordinary life, hostel “the House of Veronica,” where are the wheelchairs, and the art estate “New shores” from Studio apartments for those who want to live by myself, become one. Together they make the Penza pilot site of an unprecedented project – give people with disabilities an alternative to living in psychoneurological boarding schools (STUMPS) and nursing homes. And the society a chance to accept people with disabilities as neighbors in the yard.

Dashkova: People with special needs to be absolutely equal

And that’s a step away from the success of the girls went to get the money to the head of the confectionary concern. The move honestly say that their project is estimated at 199 million rubles, they have over 67 million of the grant of the President of Russia, and 12 unfinished houses. “How much grief”, – shook his head listener. Especially when I heard that applications for entry to the commune is much more than it places.

can not Help, – he summed up the line under the conversation – take the candy.

And flipped open the opt-packing upside down. Candy.

– Collect, girls, – the owner went to the door, collect.

And walked out. Back in the bag girl poured all. To candy.

– So we sell to be involved with charities, Maria Lvova-Belova said about failure as about the weather outside. A year ago I could sit down. Took a grant of 300 thousand rubles. The accountant did not pay royalties. Received a summons to court. Accountant oboliLas. I’m on my knees… and the icon of Kazan mother of God… the New accountant Love twin found us herself. All done legally and humanely, that is…

Masha again believes in the miracle and people.

– Our know-how that we don’t calculable in advance, otherwise not decided on any one project, she laughs. – All consider them insane.

“I want to live like you”

Sasha Seliverstova drunken father in a year and a half thrown from the window of the fourth floor. Dan St. Anastasia spoke of himself as executed: “half a person”. The guy has no legs. The girl strength to walk. Sasha and Danya for Masha Lvova-Belova was like pain in heart. She met every time as the volunteer center “Blagovest” in 2008-2011 were engaged in the placement of children in foster care. She could not take – no husband-priest Pavel Kogelmann Mary has five of their own and four foster children. She just tried Sasha and Dan warm up – read them, took it home, took the little boy break dancing. Well, he was the winner of the teleproject “Minute of glory”. And once on the train from Moscow to the orphanage guy said, “Not going to get better with him that… “. Mary realized that he soon 18 years old, and “there” is in a nursing home, where, by law, send adults not able to care for themselves.

It was the impetus, – says Masha. – Dan proved impossible – went to live in Moscow, became a breakdancer, enrolled at MSU. I decided: it turned out he would work for others.

Environment takes special neighbors reluctantly. Someone wrote on the fence of their house: “Go away, freaks!” On the street, okay, everyone’s watching. Worse, when shy

She took a chance. Her family moved to her parents ‘ house, went to live in Krasnodar, and your private home the woman gave to the graduates of the orphanage. In contrast to the European experience where people with disabilities live in families, the innovation of the Russian commune – the commune lives alone, and volunteers come once or twice a week. To convert a residential building for wheelchair users is easier than to change people. The neighbors down the street cautiously watched to the house, put a ramp, making doorways wider. Inside – in shower roll-low countertop to cook in a wheelchair. It’s time to settle in and not move … refused.

– I dreamed of, – says Sasha Seliverstova, and when he proposed, I remember father. As my mom and I then went and joined him in jail. He looked at me as if through a wall. Then when mom left, she got drunk, me such views of the adoptive parents pursued. Really remember the Hope Moskvin – the holder of the title “Best mother of the region”. Already then I was just crawling. She had four children and many foster. They never noticed me – “crippled.” Forget to feed, wash, once in the bath I almost drowned… Saved the teacher. She worked with me at home, saw the bed sores. I was returned to the orphanage… And again?

to Live in the commune agreed only Ivan Pchelnikov. Now he’s smiling bartender café “Kvartal Louie”, got an apartment, bought a car. Then decided Sasha Seliverstova Today… in the community live Christina Kasimov, Kira Totmyanin, Sergey Antonov, Kuzma and Valeriy Glushkov Topcow.

they Greeted us shyly. Beautiful Christina Kasimov, the model of “project habitat,” her photos adorn the city and the exhibition halls of the “House of Veronica,” stammering, says he loves to cook but hates to clean up the mess. There is no equal Totmianina the timid Kiera and silent Valera Topkov. They especially like to load the dishwasher and Sergey Antonov budget.

Christina Kasimov, a model of the project “habitat”, her photos adorning the city exhibition. Photo: Gayane Avdalyan

Antonov should not be here: he is “walking”. With a light form of cerebral palsy his 18 years identified in a nursing home, and he ran away. Graduated from College, became an accountant and went back. Sergei had the Communards : “I brought my legs”. And got to the point – became everyone’s favorite caretaker. Tenants out of their pensions and salaries stuffingare to pay utilities and buy food. Twice a week they get a sponsor. He is paid out of pocket. The task of the communes is to make the curator was not needed. And he happens to be Oh so necessary.

Not long ago someone from the neighbors down the street had written on the fence of their house: “Freak, get out.”

– Erased – says Masha – themselves. It takes a stupor. Me too, the neighbors complained: “your loud music, guests, they burn a fire in the yard”. I explain: “young people, remember yourself…” Someone stopped to say Hello, someone to write complaints, someone over the fence a bowl of cherries will give.

Environment takes special neighbors reluctantly. But the feeling of comradeship comrade and patience of all of them doing their job.

– As what is most difficult? – surprised Ivan Pchelnikov. – To go outside. Okay, everyone’s watching. Worse, when the store did not serve. “Who are you with? – ask.” Or taxi drivers do not take order.

But the most difficult now, when Ivan Pchelnikov working, studying at University, every taxi driver is going to order to the Communards as friends, security in shops helps them to enter the ramp, to hear:

here, take this.

And while Pchelnikov has time to recover, he in the stroller is a thousand, sometimes five thousand rubles. And no one else. “It’s accessible environment is changing slowly and people have changed, – considers the observation van. – Recently a bunch of us in wheelchairs went to a night club. Enter the elegant hall and the security guard: “we Have a special service”. We see – it is not. Left with nothing. The next day the owner of the club came. Apologized. “Come”? We went. “Terpily” – and then hear about us. And I’m not “suffering”, I want to live like you.

Pchelnikov and his friends from such nicknames dismiss. They know: patience on Russia has never been a virtue. “Terpily” though something changed. Although the “Kvartal Louie” as the project is accompanied by the residence does not give independence. She teaches four years. Then again, it is necessary to choose hostel “the House of Veronica”, “New shores” or their homes.

Kuzma Glushkov fled to the municipality of Vladivostok, where he shared a room in a nursing home with an ex-con. Photo: Gayane Avdalyan”They are embarrassed of me”

After the orphanage Kate Dementieva, like walking, had a choice between learning to be a programmer or accountant, “the House of Veronica” or a nursing home. Dersca Kate has chosen the position of chief administrator of the hostel “the House of Veronica”. Once hostel is booked by foreigners. Football fans from Denmark, Peru, Iran, and Japan bought the price for a bed – 350 rubles. The “Board of guest reviews” until now red their speech on a drop of heart: “never!”

How? – asked Katya.

– So they in the night came, and they scare me. – Katya laughs. – All on the pins.

the Girl with cerebral palsy after 11 operations learned to walk, but her body is run through with metallic threads that make her walk like the ticking of the second hand. She knows it used to, studying her furtively, and then the guests, or rather the nature of their confusion, trying to understand it. All blamed on their “specialness”. The guests have gone to bed. And in the morning they woke up. Came for Breakfast. And fell into turbulence.

– like me, – Katya laughs – there… all the waiters in wheelchairs in the corridors scurry wheelchair users. On the ground floor, lying there. We keep the hostel.

Foreigners, when they realized where they were, stood up from the table. They clapped their hands and hid the tears.

what’s wrong? – Katya laughs. – Well, Yes, the hostel of St. Veronica. It should be with a view of the forest, the Church of presentation, with a mini-farm and a printing office. In printing we print brochures, calendars, rites for the ROC. Vegetables and birds grow. The second floor of the hotel and also for employment. I call it an active Board.

We present only love those who love us. Until we accept orphaned, taken as itself, from the moral disability is not curable

there’s Kate Dementieva – student of the faculty of management, University of Penza, actress Penzenskogo drama, scooterists and a bully. “I’m just their hands to not get the stroller – with genuine sincerity she said, – so I had to stand behind the scooter. I saw it as I knew mine.” She loves to ride trains. This is when the scooter hooked friends in wheelchairs. Once Kristina and Kasimovskaya they rolled that stopped in Penza “Shanghai”. They were surrounded by local drunks drunk.

– So it’s a racer and model – learned girls, gentlemen streets. Themselves took them to the hostel.

I have thought a hundred times: that I have lived to 22 years old – super. Katya grins bitterly. – I was born on March 6, and March 8 parents have disowned me. They said I would not survive: dropsy of the brain. In seven years I saw them. First grandfather and aunt… Cool, I’m glad they are feelings brought. To me. It was… Then came the parents. Spent less than grandfather, but sent photos they are with my brothers in Finland. That was hard. I ran outside and howled into the void: “Take me!” They’d take me. For the holidays. Then he moved to Moscow and wanted to transfer me to an orphanage. Another blow. Now I’m with my parents, as brothers… They’re embarrassed of me. When I said to him in his childhood came, the brothers walk ran forward, though not with me. And my mother — Me in the direction of the theatre was given a role in the play “Sublimation of love”. Call her: “look, I picked the play!” She: “Are You Kidding Me? What do you play?” It is a token. So, I’m going the right way.

Our conversation hears recumbent Sasha Seliverstova.

– I also Have a brother Sergei. – Sasha said faintly, and Kate as the voice of the prompter intermittent sounds. – He loved me. When I was afraid to sleep, not to choke, sitting next to him. Then she was gone. Said villages. Then he found me on the Internet. We started to chat “Vkontakte” – he, his wife my father and me. Wanted to pick me up. Thank God, not happened: my dad went to prison. But native call: “As you there?” And I myself and you, Katya, you say: “Smile”.

This is another label in the Norttion with the support of all the commune there are moms and dads, relatives. Someone to his children arrived in the orphanage. Someone when they learned that “children stood on his feet”.

Denis Nazarov: I am not lying, but “the House of Veronica” gave me a second life. Photo: Gayane Avdalyan

“I write the life of teeth”

At the opening of art of the estate “New shores” Maria Lvova-Belova came in a flimsy dress and a light coat. She was sort of floating between cottages, not noticing the cold.

– And here is our Romeo and Juliet – Masha shows up on the first settlers. Those huddle timidly at the door of his Studio. Their hands takes five year old daughter. Together they go the way can only the blind, feet to the touch. Galya from Voronezh, Vladimir from Penza. Musicians. Their dream – to live together. “That’s happened, – tells Volodja, – I want here kids music to teach.”

And Mary try again with someone hugging. Seems to let the tears through the laughter: “Natasha, you!” Natasha Shindina from Yekaterinburg, the artist. She paints with her teeth. Her hands were paralyzed, but took thirst to live a backhand.

I’m torn here. – Her eyes dancing with tears like naked nerves sitters “the Dance” Matisse. – How will I be able to paint ceramics? Then open a pottery Studio and the painting Studio. I dream I see. As I write the life of teeth. I have never worked.

Until we hear the children’s laughter and snatches of conversation. Turn around:

– Healthy take away, and so, as with features is not.

This is also a newcomer, 51-year-old Olga Schegoleva from Samara, explaining something ubiquitous Masha Lvova-Belova. Shchegolev lawyer, mother of 11 children. Eight of them are adopted. With them she moved into a “New shores”. Like several other adoptive moms with kids from Vologda, Voronezh, Ryazan. Your home Shchegolev left her family raised the children, and came with an innovative idea to create a club of foster parents and develop foster parenting as an institution. To no distortions when foster or no, is parentYam to declare their rights to Chad, got home, or turn their mission into a “small business.”

– I also see “New shores” as a city of the sovereign with a fountain of ideas, agrees with Shchegoleva Masha Lvova-Belova. Is a condition of the universe or they come here with ideas, or with the desire to join them.

So the estate came pottery workshop, Playground strigi-ice hockey, gardens, tea room, bath, workshop for the packaging of meats, constructed a school and a hospital – all of that makes people with disabilities are people like everyone to get an education, find a job, start a family.

On the socialization of “New shores” give settlers five years. Then they have to choose to live in the social apartment, or stay on the accompanied move in. People are increasingly choosing support. On it, according to forecasts of the Ministry of labor, gradually move to 45 percent of the residents of STUMPS.

the Commune of “Quarter Louis” and “the House of Veronica,” listening to newcomers spellbound. And wilted like sparrows in the frost.

– They are cool, a little upset Christina Kasimov. – What are we here bring? I can manicure to do.

I’m printing service will be planning Maxim Borisov, he just got a one-room Studio.

Masha Lvova-Belova again here. “Guys, we stowed a mess of MOE brought – it shows in the warm tent outside the window. Going?”

even then, she knew that winter for her will be fierce. Company benefactors can’t help. To pay the salaries of the curators, speech therapist, masseur, driver, all – nothing. And Maria as flint.

– “There are two ways to live: to walk on land – to measure, to weigh, to anticipate. But you can walk on water. Then it is impossible to measure and predict, we must believe. A moment of disbelief – are beginning to sink”. Masha immediately began to Maria Lvova-Belova. – This I read in the book “Mother Mary” – about a Russian nun who after the revolution built shelters for our emigrants. She rarely had an understanding where she gets the money, but was a firm belief that all upravitI. We, too, it was so many times, and each time we learn to walk on water.

“so the pathos,” say some. “Nah, she is real” – you know, that says Kate Dementieva. This girl helps to understand the motivation of Masha Lvova-Belova – we are real in love only those who love us. Everything else, as with the creation of an accessible environment and charity. As long as mother Mary, we will not accept orphaned, taken as itself, from the moral disability is unlikely to recover.