A Truck driver was trapped when changing tires on the highway 72 in wild rock (Landkreis Zwickau) is under the cab of his truck and seriously injured. The police think it was an accident at work, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Previously, the “Free press reports” about it.

The 56-year-old driver slipped, according to initial findings on Tuesday afternoon when changing tyres on the hard shoulder of the motorway, the car Jack, police said. The driver had been trapped. The truck trailer was loaded according to the police, with a three-ton load of furniture and textiles.

With the help of the fire brigade, the 56-Year-old has been freed, according to the police spokeswoman. The man with serious injuries was taken to a hospital. The current condition of the man the police were able to make spokesperson no information.

The roadway in the direction of the yard had been locked several hours to complete, according to the spokeswoman.