Many dog owners have probably tried to teach their four-legged best friends to seize the dog biscuit with the mouth.

When it is successful, will hardly be in any doubt that godbidden, and the joy of achievement is great.

most of The when however, to get an eye on exactly how big the dog’s joy is in the moment, and the teeth are just about to whack the flying treat.

It has the German photographer Christian Vieler with great success specializing in the to perpetuate, and earlier in the week he put a new photo shoot out, which can be grown here.

It is said that dogs have about 100 different expressions in the face, but many of them are not immediately to know the difference.

But they stretched and expectant eyes, combined with the ferocious mouths, which gives the dogs a of libraries and the expression of wildness and enthusiasm, is not to be mistaken.

“With each image I try to capture that special moment, where you see the funniest or cutest hundegrimasse,” a photographer said to the media Bored Panda.

the 49-year-old Christian Vieler has taken its special hundebilleder ago 2012.

the Series goes under the name of ‘Dogs Catching Treats’.

Translated it means: Dog catches treats.

“Some of hundebillederne is pretty good, some are not, and some are quite wonderful,” he says.

“There are no special technical aspects when I photograph the dogs. I do not use højhastighedsudstyr or the sort.”

Good luck with the training and the photograph of your own dog or a dog you know!