The competition is tough in the middle class. There is an amazing amount of performance for little money. This Credo has also written the French manufacturer Wiko on the flags. The View 3 Pro, which is in Switzerland, from 270 francs, commercially available, is already one of the top models of the brand.

at first glance, the competition, the top machines are three times as expensive. But, Wiko wants to play necessarily in that League, but in the middle class, where 50 Swiss francs, more or less, can be critical – and it is for the money as much as you would like.

And the new model is actually Packed with Features that are not all at this price, of course. Positive, the Design is striking about. The reflecting back is fingerprints a Magnet for dust and fingerprints, but makes a visual impact. Even better is the metal frame that has even a small gradient like. The rest of Huawei or Samsung for the back, but not for the frame.

Also, the Display seems high-quality. The 6.3-inch Screen, with 2340 to 1080 pixels, is very sharp and shows beautiful colors, but is overall a little dark. Thanks to the almost edge-to-edge design, the Wiko View 3 is Pro all-round quality, even if significantly more expensive phones to fill more surface with display screen and even less from the housing.

The 4000 mAh large battery holds two days

In the case of equipment trumps the 4000 mAh large battery. The help that you have to load the Wiko in fact, only every two nights. Also convincing for this price, the 128 GB memory which you can expand even. However, one must dispense with a second SIM card that shares a Slot with the memory.

Convincing the Software, as Wiko relies on an almost pure Android 9. The runs smoothly and without any lag. Only in the camera App, you sometimes have to wait a bit. Also the built-in processor, a Mediatek Helio P60 with 6 GB of memory, sure to come good. Here, one also gets in this category above average performance.

The biggest compromises will need to make users in the price range of 300 to 400 Swiss francs, mostly for the camera. Not so with the Wiko View 3 Pro, as the Test shows. The Smartphone has a built-in System with three lenses. A 12-Megapixel main camera with Sensor from Sony, a Sensor with 13 megapixels and wide-angle lens and a 5-Megapixel camera to calculate Depth of field.

The camera surprised, only the wide-angle lens falls off

The combination makes very nice pictures with natural colors and lots of Details. Slightly more difficult conditions with shadows and plenty of light can compensate for the Software. Even the artificial blur makes really good use, not only with people as a portrait, but also with objects.

Even the front camera with 16 megapixels is a positive Surprise. In the case of the Selfies, the View 3 can compete Per also loose with much more expensive Smartphones. A pity only, the image quality at the wide-angle something. There is distortion at the edges

so there Are still reasons, from 600 to 1000 Swiss francs for an Android Smartphone to spend? For many users probably not really. But of course you have to do without the Wiko on some things. So there’s “only” a traditional fingerprint scanner, not under the Display. And wireless can’t load the View 3 Pro. In addition, the cameras on the more expensive devices in low light or even at night are still much better.

The French manufacturer is doing everything right. The total package-great Design, long battery life and good camera convinced. In the case of certain Features, you have to make concessions, in everyday life it’s annoying but it’s actually never. The View 3 Pro is to keep up currently probably the best Smartphone for under 300 francs, and it may well even with more expensive devices. And who has even less claims, you can also buy the View 3 without Pro for 160 francs. In all areas except the battery is a little slimmed down, but still with excellent ratio of price and performance.