Actually, Wi-Fi is ideal to save during the holidays Roaming costs. Often there not only in the Hotel for a Free way to get to the Internet or to send travel photos on WhatsApp, but also in Restaurants, Cafés or airports. And also some of the beach bar already has a WiFi access.

But the knowledge of course, scammers and cheaters that want to get personal data or even credit card information. Therefore, before it is worthwhile to take during the holidays measures some caution.

dial-in Manually to Wi-Fi

Turn off the automatic Dialing in to networks and select always manually in a wireless network. They look exactly like the access point name. Hackers put on a network with a similar name to draw a crowd.

Or it is installed in a different location, simply set up a WLAN with an access name and password of much-used networks, such as at airports, in the example, a mobile phone logs in automatically. You can also prevent that you switch on your own device, Wi-Fi only when you really need it.

No data and folders

On the Laptop you can give the files in the networks. The home is practical, but in the case of a public access point is dangerous. Who has shared the folder, you should disable this for the holiday and the dial-in to a Hotspot, respectively, specify that you are connecting to a public network.

warning against Spam and newsletters

many of the Free Offerings, you must enter contact information before you will have access to the Internet. Never enter without accurate Checking credit card details. Also a mobile phone number or the mail address can be tricky, because these data are given once more and the letters, then with Spam and useless news flooded.

It may be worthwhile, therefore, to create a Free of charge providers an extra mail address for such Logins. It is not advisable, with a Social Media Account like Facebook to log in, because that is convenient to you, but depending on much more data.

The fingers should should have have access you can, if you can download to use something and install it. There is a great danger here that malicious software is installed. In General, it is not advisable to Download programs over public networks.

Important files at home already

download quick Wi-Fi, you are not allowed to hope in many places. Especially because the access point must often be with many other tourists shared. Thus, you do not need to log in constantly, everywhere, you should download therefore, important things at home.

So, for example, the required map material from Google Maps, the favorite series on Netflix or the holiday Playlist on Spotify. Many of the services and offer to provide Offline usage. It is also recommended to provide prior to the departure all of the Apps and services, such as the operating system or the virus protection with Updates. These Updates are also important to have a basic protection.

secure connection

Actually pay attention to the rule always applies, but in a publicly-accessible WiFi networks in any case. Make sure that the Connections are secure, if you make a reservation about using the Browser as a Hotel, or booking a Ticket.

Secure Connections are to the “https”designation in front of the web address is visible. There is only “http”, data transfer is not encrypted. In the Browser is also a castle, which symbolizes the.

Using a VPN

VPN surfing Virtual Private Network means. It builds so put simply, a secure connection to the Server of the provider, from there you get to web sites or services. With VPN privacy is more protected, the location of veiled, and the Monitoring of Internet activity more difficult.

Practically, this can be also because you can pretend to be abroad that you are accessing from Switzerland to the Internet. This can be important if you want to have access to services or content that are only released for a particular country.

The Problem: In the case of Free VPN providers is unsure of what they are doing with the data. Who uses VPN often, you should sign up for a subscription in the case of a trust provider, such as NordVPN trusted. This has won VPN Test by the German specialist magazine .

Recommended is the Opera Browser that has been integrated for Surfing directly into a VPN connection, you can activate at the push of a button.