the Press service of Ukrainian President has posted yet another release on the state of health of the spouse of Vladimir Zelensky. July 3, Elena was discharged from the elite clinic “Feofania”. But VIP is the patient still needs continued treatment of bilateral pneumonia caused by a coronavirus. The necessary procedures will be done attached to the presidential family physicians.

according to the Office of the President of Ukraine, “in Elena Zelensky feels well and is happy to be reunited with your family.”

the President’s Wife was hospitalized in “Feofaniya” on June 16. In this regard, Vladimir Zelensky has announced its transition to a special mode of operation. What was “special”, nobody knows.

Every morning, a motorcade of several vehicles escorted “armored car” to the President’s office on Bankova street. And last week, the Ukrainian President has twice absented himself from Kiev: first, for the sake of meeting with the residents of the flooded areas of Ivano-Frankivsk region, and then to inspect the project “Big construction” in the Kherson region.