He had been convicted of raping Edith Stehfest, then he disappeared for months. Now the sex offender is said to have been arrested in Portugal. The reason: because he picked up his mother, the investigators were able to track him down.

He had been on the run for months, now he could finally be arrested according to “Bild”: The sex offender who stunned Edith Stehfest (27, then 17), wife of ex-GZSZ actor Eric Stehfest (32), in 2012 with knockout drops and then raped her.

New details reveal how the arrest was possible. The sex offender was arrested while picking up someone close to him at Lisbon Airport. According to “Bild” information, it should have been his mother. When he picked her up, the Portuguese police grabbed and caught the criminal.

The criminal fled from his sentence to Lisbon. There he is said to have repeatedly contacted his relatives and friends. As a result, the investigators tracked him down and were finally able to arrest him with the help of witnesses.

“I’m completely speechless. I just didn’t expect it at that point,” said Edith Stehfest when “Bild” informed her about the arrest. She was “very positively surprised and grateful”. Then she added: “But I’m also sure that my courage, my loudness, have contributed to the fact that the case does not fall out of the public eye.”

The 36-year-old suspect was sentenced to three years and four months in prison in November 2021 for rape, sexual assault and possession and distribution of child pornography, according to the police and public prosecutor in Leipzig.

But he never started his punishment. Instead, he fled to Portugal with a new identity. The public prosecutor’s office and police in Leipzig announced: “On May 1, the fugitive was arrested at Lisbon airport when he wanted to pick up a person close to him.” The police report also states that the perpetrator has now been brought to Germany, where he is serving his sentence in a prison. However, the officials did not confirm whether it was actually Edith Stehfest’s rapist.

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