Resident of Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov was just kidding about the divorce with actress Christine Asmus. He has published several humorous pictures in which fictional experts argue about the reasons for the separation of the pair. The relevant post is available in his Instagram account.

So, the reason for the divorce Kharlamov and Asmus in the publication called “unfortunate” the final season of “Game of thrones”, love the comic to Mongolian language, the letter “o” in the surname Kharlamova, pokemon Bulbasaur, and even the famous dress meme that different users think in black-and-blue or white-gold.

The comedian was not spared and the lead of the TV show “let’s get married!” Larissa Guzeeva, on which he regularly jokes in social networks. So, one of the photos shows the cover of a fake magazine SuperGar on which is printed the words Kharlamov, “My wife found out I was the creative producer "let’s get married!"” and the phrase purported to be the leading show, “Garik 8 years hid his position, even from [the General Director of channel Konstantin] Ernst”.


Another picture — the cover of the American magazine The New York Post, where a quote of the Pentagon: “Kharlamov influenced the choice of brides in the "let’s get married!"” Another cause of separation became “unfunny jokes Kharlamov” about “let’s get married” and “Live healthy!”, who allegedly didn’t like Asmus.

“will Help our friends and yellow will add a little whimsy myself! This is my version of events. A good read, scroll”, signed comic.

Kharlamov and Asmus announced the divorce via the Instagram account in the afternoon of 22 June. The actress explained that by this decision the couple came for a long time, about a year ago. Harlamov thanked his wife for eight years of marriage and assured that they will continue to educate the General’s daughter. The couple married in 2013, they had a daughter Anastasia.