the Wife of canadian musician Justin Bieber, supermodel Hailey Bieber took part in a new photo shoot for the Indian version of the fashion publication Vogue. Footage and celebrity interviews have appeared on his official website.

On the cover of the August issue placed the model where she poses in an unbuttoned half-mast jeans blue and black jacket on a naked body. It will complement two Golden necklaces and rings with large stones.

In a paper published online material, 23-year-old Bieber reflects on fame and admits she grew up a normal kid, despite the fact that her father (Stephen Baldwin) was a famous actor. “If you compare my childhood and growing up to Justin [Bieber], you can say that he got crazy popular at an early age. At the same time I did my license and was absolutely ordinary. But the last three years changed my life,” — says the model.

Earlier in July, Hayley Bieber shared a photograph in a candid manner and criticized in the network. Placed on the frame of a celebrity posed in the yard in the products of the brand of his colleagues Emily Ratajkowski. Bieber captured in a speedo and pink-orange the top of transparent tissue, through which shone her Breasts.