the Wife of Sergey Kukushkin, who was suspected of raping-year-old daughter and subsequently acquitted, in an interview with RT stated his version of events. The woman continues to insist that the man accidentally hurt their child.

In a video released by RT TV channel in the Telegram channel, the inhabitant of Bugulma city Anna Kukushkina said that the day of the incident they “had a little argument” with her husband on the phone, but quickly reconciled.

However, around 10 p.m. her husband called her and said that the house “took the trouble”, not becoming to go into details. When Anna returned home, my husband said that changed his daughter’s diaper and “he did not notice what happened,” but the child started bleeding. He later explained the incident by the fact that on his finger was a cracked ring.

the woman admitted in an interview that she asked the wife not to call an ambulance because “knew that he would be accused of violence,” but the man himself called the doctors. Later medical examination confirmed damage to the genital organs in girls, but not entering.

Recall that on June 26, the court acquitted 27-year-old resident of Tatarstan Sergey Kukushkin, citing the fact that the defendant was not a direct intent on committing acts of violence against the baby.

the girl’s Mother in an exclusive interview with “MK” stated that “if he really did it, I would have killed him”. In the course of the trial, the man admitted that he was angry after a quarrel with his wife, and because of this “injured” daughter. However, the woman insists that this was not.

However, the office of the Republic of Tatarstan did not agree with the acquittal and appealed it, the appeal will consider on 3 July. The case already has taken control of the Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova.

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