The news shocked the music world. About two years ago, Chester Bennington took only 41 years in his home in Los Angeles life. The Linkin Park Star had to deal with depression. The sympathy was huge. He left behind his wife, Talinda Bennington (42), and a total of six children. Now, the widow has found her happiness.

she is happy to be awarded and announced on Twitter their engagement. “I am overjoyed, my engagement with an angel on earth, Michael F., to announce,” said the Post. And more: “I want to tell you also, that you can find after a tragedy love again. That the death of a soul mate does not mean one’s own death.”

Talinda want. Chester continue to honor

According to the American website “TMZ” is the new man at Talindas page to a firefighter from Los Angeles He is said to have been received by your family, friends, and also Chester’s Band members “with open arms”. Chester will be in spite of everything, part of your life.

“I will honor Chester continues,” she writes, and wants at the same time make other people the courage, which, Similar happened to. “You can be happy again. You can have in your heart a place for sadness, happiness, joy, sadness and love.” Talinda and Chester were twelve years together. They have three children. (paf)

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