Since the beginning of the year there is a new Standard for wireless Internet. “Wi-Fi 6” means he – or “802.11 ax,” according to the old complicated naming scheme. Wi-Fi 6 to increase the speed by at least 30 percent. This is partly due to the fact that the two frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz can be used in parallel. And each antenna of the router has more Power.

you can use also without a big loss of multiple devices in parallel. The network is less congested quickly. This is especially important, since in many households around five to ten devices already connected wirelessly to the Internet. Also in the distance – such as from a Tablet or Smartphone to the Router – is the room bigger as in the past.

that’s the theory. VIEW wanted to know what that means in everyday life and has worried a Test Router with Wi-Fi 6. Currently, this is not so easy and a more expensive Fun. Because in the trade there is not much more than a half-dozen offers, which costs between 200 and 500 francs.

Wi-Fi 6 is easy to

to configure In our Test, we have installed a futuristic Netgear Nighthawk AX12, in the case of costs a little more than 400 Swiss francs. The wireless Router looks like a Stealth Bomber with folding wings. In the latter, plug in the antennas.

The good news: adjusting For the new Internet standard, nothing special or configure. The Nighthawk is like other Wi-Fi-Router install. An App guides you step-by-step through the process. This is for everyone in ten minutes is feasible.

The bad news is that the home will not notice most of the User of it much. Because the receiving devices must support Wi-Fi 6, and there is practically no such on the market. An exception is the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This is due to the fact that even not all the Details of the Standards are set. From the autumn, however, Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, but also Smart should then quite a lot of Gadgets with Wi-Fi 6 on the market: Home appliances.

Wi-Fi is still significantly worse than cable

We have used for our Tests, a Galaxy S10. And in fact, a small “6 appears when the Wi-Fi Symbol”, as soon as it is connected to the new Router. In the first measurements, especially of shows but namely, how much capacity compared to a wired connection is lost. Of the approximately 1000 MBit/s (Megabits per Second), we arrive with Wi-Fi 6 to a maximum of around 550 MBit/s Download, Upload is 800 MBit/s, surprisingly, significantly more.

Two rooms next to the Modem with two concrete walls in between, it is then also with the new technology, only 160 MBit/s in Download. After all, the locker is enough to stream such high resolution Videos.

Wi-Fi brings a noticeably better connection

What the Test shows but also. Wi-Fi 6 is actually. In a direct comparison, we have anywhere in the apartment, better reception, some with substantial Differences.

In the office, for instance, we reach out with the Samsung and Wi-Fi 6 280 MBit/s, with a different phone, only 160 MBit/s. In the living room there are 166 MBit/s 71 MBit/s. And in the bedroom we measure with a new Standard 366 MBit/s, without it is just 149 MBit/s.

in General: The differences in the quality of the connection increase, the worse the reception is. Talk: Wi-Fi 6 brings to a home especially there is a noticeable advantage, where the connection is not good. So for example in rooms that are away from the wireless Router far.

The location of the router in the apartment is crucial

no Matter when, how, and where you are testing, with the new Standard for wireless Internet, you have a better reception. Sometimes it is only 20 percent, and sometimes double the speed. This helps the potential of the wireless Internet potential.

Because the comparison also shows that In the case of Wi-Fi at home, there’s plenty of room for Improvement. Anyone who has simply placed somewhere in the apartment a Router that will lose massive Internet Speed. With Wi-Fi 6, the connection quality does not improve noticeably, especially where the reception is not so good.