Personal information in the phone store not — because access to your smartphone can get the criminals, or stealing it, if there is no protection or installed via a Trojan virus program, said the Agency "Prime" the General Director of the news Agency Telecom Daily Denis Pieces.

It is clear that in case of theft, the SIM card can be locked, but you should never keep all-important information — where are the keys to the house, any room your safe Deposit boxes — in the mobile phone, he added.

According to him, any action with a computer or with a smartphone implies the possibility of the presence of these devices to malware. In most cases it is hidden programs that send some data.

On the other hand, at certain points in the presence of malicious programs can be seen in the different forms of mobile phone — for example, when he begins spontaneously be switched on or off, or overheat to the point of non-use.