“not is It the fact that we have none,” says Claire Williams. The form of the eponymous formula 1 Teams have very different reasons. And these were not correct with the replica of a competing product. Especially since this would be contrary to the ethos of Williams as Deputy team boss explained.

“We are an independent designer and proud of it,” she says. “If we do it once incorrectly, then that is our fault. If we get it right, then we rake in the praise. This is extremely important for our self-understanding.”

And so wrong could not be the business model of Williams, says Williams more. Finally, the tradition of the team from Grove in the UK have operated on in the years 2014 to 2017 “successful” in formula 1. Only “the last two years,” not to be raced for Williams in a satisfactory way.

The Williams record for the last few years

in fact, the former world champion team is already waiting since 1997 to win another title and in 2012 a further race win in the formula 1.

Before the start of the Turbo-Hybrid Era in the 2014 season, the team was most recently in 2007 in the Top 5 in the constructors standings, benefited from 2014, especially from the strong Mercedes powertrains, and boasts two P3 and two Times P5 in the final bill.

in 2018, but Williams crashed on the last place of the table and experienced a 2019 a a lot setback: bitter the so far worst Williams-season with just one championship point from 21 races. (More facts in the formula 1 database!)

Racing-Point model for Williams is not tempting

Whether Williams should just be guided in this phase of weakness on Racing Point? The British competition team has made with his Mercedes-“replica” at least in the case of the test drives, a good figure.

Claire Williams wants to know: “it is your decision. You’re doing things differently than we do. We have a complete production Department in a Team, and we want to keep it that way also. This way you don’t have. They are not so well established.”

Therefore, this is approach to Racing Point quite “make sense,” says Williams. As a model for your own Team but this could not be used, especially in formula 1 anyway, each team pursued its own course. “There are many different business models that all work in their own way,” says Williams.

The Williams model is not worked, however, last of all, and the former top team of the formula 1, the clear tail light is now.

This article by Stefan Ehlen, Co-author: Alex Kalinauckas

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