On Wednesday, Pedo-teachers, Stefan Y.* (47) stand in front of the district court of Bülach (ZH VIEW reported). He had tried, 2016 on the Internet to a supposedly 13-year-old boys really close – but it got to a covert police investigator. The primary school teacher conceding for attempted sexual acts with children a conditional sentence of eight months and a prohibition from practising a profession.

And before the court for more frightening Details come to light. It is not the first Time that the self-confessed paedophile was caught with Sex chat. Even more: Already in 2007, he was removed once the teacher’s diploma. And yet, he was allowed to work with children again!

a look back: in 2004 or 2005, the today 47-Year-old, Sex Chats with minors began to lead year. At the time, he didn’t realize that “something is wrong with him”, says the teacher on Wednesday before the court. The National Department of education, deprives him of the teacher’s diploma. But the unteachable men teachers afterwards increases more on the Internet children – until he went of 2016, the police in the case.

Nevertheless, Stefan Y. gets the permission to teach. He applies to the primary school in Embrach ZH – nearly two years after the Sex-chatting with the undercover investigator. School care-President Philipp Baumgartner sets a high value on transparency and says: “We are aware of the need for the case, Jegge and clarify everything you can to clarify.”

“The System has not worked to the full extent”

in Concrete terms: “We have received from Mr Y. an enhanced criminal record extract. We had at this time no knowledge as to whether Mr. Y. was, at best, on the black list.” Specifically: “All the signs were green,” said the School President. Only after Y. had already been under, came to the school office a warning about the Pedo-teacher of the People. “Because we set him free immediately.” Here, the System did not work, apparently, in full, the school care-President.

But how could Y. to slip to such an extent through the mesh? Marion Völger from the Zurich People’s Department of education says: “The Canton of Zurich has Switzerland the most stringent of regulations.” Nevertheless, you have to admit: You knew the relevant history of the pedophiles, as you put him back in front of a class. “The People’s Department of education came after a careful examination of a corresponding application from the teacher to the conclusion that the conditions laid down have been met, why to him the teaching diploma handed out again and he had to be admitted subject to conditions, back-to-school service.”

Completely absurd: now that the teacher return was due, requested the Prosecutor’s office is only a temporary professional ban of ten years. The Pedo-teacher is yourself, the ask forbade the judges to a life-long profession! That other pedophiles are also so reasonable, is, however, doubtful.

* the Name has been changed