Oliver Schroll, Germany-chief of the Scandinavian Audio specialist Hi-Fi Klubben, gives ten tips for the best Sound in your own four walls.

tip 1: The room decoration makes all the difference

All hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete, or glass reflect sound well, the sound is uncontrolled to be. The room attenuation Blankets, curtains, potted plants, paintings, furniture or acoustic panels can be used. These break up the reflection of hard surfaces. Often a carpet is enough in the right place, in order to improve the Sound tremendously.

tip 2: The location – away from the wall

floorstanding speakers sound best when they are with a little bit of distance to the walls. Otherwise, there is too much Bass. This also applies to the corners of the room. A tip: This phenomenon, in turn, can be used, if the speakers provide enough Bass. However, only up to a certain degree, otherwise the Sound is “muddy”.

tip 3: have The Stereo triangle – a little bit of Geometry in the living room

The so-called Stereo triangle to the listener and speakers form an equilateral triangle – that is to say, three equal sides with three equal angles. Sounds complicated, but it is not. If your alignment is not only important to note that the boxes are too close to each other, since otherwise, the stereo effect (spatial effect) disappears. This happens frequently with Mini-systems and PC speakers. However, the speaker must not be located too far away from each other, as this is a hole in the center of the spatial Sound.

Hi-Fi Klubben “stereo triangle” for the home.

tip 4: The Position – spinning, or

in addition to your location, the direction in which the speakers show influences, the Sound is audible. Some boxes are so constructed that they radiate wide. They sound better when they are not turning to the listener, for example, to a Sofa, in. Tips for the respective models of the manufacturer’s manual usually there.

tip 5: The height – I’m all ears

no Matter how big they are: the speaker can be best placed or attached that the tweeters are approximately at ear level. Why? High tones do not spread, in contrast to the deep well in the room, so they sound at the height of the ears at the best.

Konstantin Beck Oliver Schroll is Klubben, Germany-chief of Hi-Fi.

tip 6: Fixed-Stand – in any environment

speakers sound best when they are stable. Especially for large models, either top-metal feet (Spikes) should be used for soft floors or special rubber shock-absorber for hard substrates (e.g. in the Cabinet). This guarantees optimal ground contact. In this way, only a Minimum is transmitted to vibrations on the surface. The result: better Sound.

tip 7: The speaker cables – short and sweet

the sound quality increases With the proper use of the speaker cables is enormous. So, for example, are better not longer than necessary – more than 15 meters should remain the exception. Also, make sure that all connections to the speakers and the System are well connected with each other. Can help so-called banana plugs that not only make Connecting easy, but also more contact area and secure Hold of the cable to the speaker and amplifier offer.

tip 8: movement must be also for technology

All of the new speakers, or even headphones include a range of mechanical and electronic Parts to be moved. Your sound free and relaxed, with better bass and more Details as soon as they are used in a while. In General, this takes between 50 and 100 hours. So there is no reason to worry if the new speakers sound the first time you use a little rough.

tip 9: The equaliser – until the very end

Finger off of Treble and Bass: The level control of the system with UPS and Downs can wait until the end, when all other steps have been implemented. Because most of the sound problems on the room and the Position of the speakers due. Therefore, it is important for these confounding factors ruled out before the Treble and Bass be changed.

HiFi Klubben

tip 10: experiment

in addition to these tips is also demand a little experimentation. Perfect Sound is entirely individual. Each person has a different Sense of sound and also the different speakers and rooms have different “needs”. Often the nuances that can be achieved by simple trial and error will decide. A Lot Of Fun!

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