such As the “Forbes”magazine reported that, with the formulation of the “Chinese Virus” for now. So far, the US President spoke from the “Chinese Virus” in his speech the scripts, he even the word “Corona” and replaced it with “Chinese”. His reasoning: “Because the Virus comes from China” – and, in General, be “not at all racist”.

choice of words criticized – racist hostility against Asians

The step follows not, because the world health organization, WHO, is speaking out against a geographical reference in the designation of diseases. Rather, the step is a result of the pressure from the Asian-American population.

On Twitter, among others, reported the journalist small gauge steam train Fan of a racist incident at your doorstep. So a man have insulted the native Chinese due to their origin several times. Whether the incident is connected with the word choice Trumps together, remains unclear.

Asian-American population makes up around six percent of the total population

nothing the despite, the US President suddenly clear. In his recent Speeches, the “Chinese Virus he had” not a single Time on the lips, according to the “Forbes”magazine. Instead, Trump will be speaking about the Asian population as “impressive people”. That the Virus is spreading more, was not at all their fault. However, the US President, had provided neither an apology nor an explanation for the sudden change of heart. Twitter/@washingtonpost U.S. President Donald Trump even the word “Corona” from his script and replaced it with “Chinese”.

in view of the forthcoming presidential election, some evidence suggests, however, that the step is a tactical. Finally, the Asia accounts for the table-American population is approximately six per cent of the total population of the United States. Around 20 million potential voters, who want to alienate Trump hardly just now.

bizarre: foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, and Senator Tom Cotton would, however, cling to the previous wording, according to the magazine. “It’s a great day”: Trump wants restrictions to Easter loosen PCP “It’s a great day”: Trump wants to loosen restrictions at Easter