Multimedia-Xiaomi might not be a Samsung, Apple and Huawei, but the Chinese brand has been on a steep rise, with an affordable, yet powerful smartphone. How to know it in a short time, so many hearts to conquer it?Tweakerszocht it out for you.

just ten years, the Chinese technologiemerk Xiaomi is active, and is not even a year after its foundation, was already rock-hard in between the time range of smartphones and tablets. At first, it was the go-to brand for budget-friendly smartphones, but it has since then climbed up to the brand to the top of the ladder. Today, the brand is a guarantee for the real high-quality, no-nonsense, and smart phones, which may not be cheap, but it will still be within your budget.

PocoPhone F1 (from $ 294)

Xiaomi’s real on the up and up, the heart of the consumer, started in the end of 2018, with dePocoPhone the F1 key. That was an everlasting, , as it were, at that time, by far, the best phone at the price of 350 euros.

as He played with a good processor and a fast opslagchips, with a great screen and an excellent battery life. The PocoPhone F1, by the way, is still in the market for around 300 euros. It’s still a great budgetsmartphone, but the fact that he’s “only” a dual camera, with a lot of users in the spot.Click here to view the PocoPhone the F1 key.

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