Former Verkhovna Rada Deputy Eugene Moore said that the Ukrainian authorities fear the return of Donbass under their control. According to him, in this case, Kiev will have to take on many additional responsibilities.

It will be necessary to pay pensions to residents of Donbass, to seek funds for the restoration of his territories, and also to understand — who are the current residents of the DNI and LC “hero” and who is “criminal.” Against the latter you will have to initiate criminal proceedings, said Moore, the TV channel “OUR”. The recording he posted on his YouTube channel.

Im scared to do it. They have never in my life do not. Then you will have to answer for many things — explained the politician.

Earlier reported that the question of the status of the Donbass continues to be the cornerstone of the Russian-Ukrainian relations. Compromise on this issue between Moscow and Kiev is still not visible, and on this background are increasingly talking about whether it is possible at all to restore the region after the stabilization of the situation. And Western experts on this subject very pessimistic.