you Google the words “maggots” and “Nazis”, one of the first hit to an Interview with the historian Christian Hartmann. Munich has published a critically annotated edition of “Mein Kampf”. At the beginning of the interview that Hitler exposed people as maggots and ulcers.

a person with A school degree does not need to be googling in the first place. Anyone who has been paying attention in history class just a little bit, know. Who is also only interested in a bit of the action here and there, yesterday and today, know.

The University-educated SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi claims he didn’t know it. President Albert Rösti wishy washes white, campaign Manager Adrian Amstutz twisted the truth into its opposite. Would you believe the top politicians from the Swiss people’s party, what they tell you, you would have to declare incompetent.

you know what they are doing

But you are sane. You know: The Nazis denied the Jews to be human beings, such as vermin to exterminate. You know: in The beginning was the word, and then Auschwitz. You know With the Apple, which is decomposed by, allegedly, Switzerland foreign grubs, a series in the anti-Semitic newspaper “der Stürmer”-Tradition.

you know what you are doing. Nazi-Propaganda. In The Year 2019. Made in Switzerland.

of Course, the calculus, to bring the SVP to the conversation behind the border crossing. It is not the first Time. And it works superficially again.

repulsiveness of the party elite

But In the political disputes of Switzerland is one of the fortunately still, what you bring to the conversation. To say who has it with Untold does nothing. He is beyond even the word.

The latest repulsiveness of the party bosses, the SVP is not good. It is your damage. Quite right you may win zäuselnd a few wisps for himself. However, classic SVP-voters and such, it could be, want to have to do with the brown swamp of nothing. The SVP is not the AfD.

The other is not a Parasite

As the largest party in the country, they gathered in the vast majority of civic-minded Democrats, who, at most, as a Radical Swiss watch, the definitely that’s why no Hitler-are nostalgic. Don’t you think pests at an Apple on a victim of People, but to Tell and Walter, and perhaps of subsidies, the Thurgau, and Apple juice. And you will see political opponents of the neighbours with another opinion, not the enemy and Parasite.

It is amazing and appalling at the same time: of all of the Swiss people’s party, a party elite, to rhythm and sound, not fit even to Switzerland is. Past the people, the Volk.