Why Thailand ignores the recommendations of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs

Among the recommendations of the Ministry in addition to logical to give advice on travel abroad for those who were going to do it in the near future are the following: “where it is still possible to travel to Russia, strongly suggest to use it regardless of the modes of transport and connections”.

Social network is full of sad stories of our compatriots, “stuck” at various resorts around the world without the slightest chance of their own to return home. On Wednesday it was reported that on March 18, 30 days another popular among Russians direction – Vietnam stops issuing entry visas and introduces a two-week mandatory quarantine for arriving in the country of Russian citizens.

Perhaps only one country in Asia continues as if nothing had happened to take on the rest of the population of Russia. This country is Thailand. On Tuesday, its Prime Minister General prayut Chan-OCHA confirmed that the Kingdom is not going to “completely close the border and continue to apply restrictions only in respect of persons entering from countries with the greatest risk of infection”. However, tourists are not subject to these restrictions, according to the Prime Minister, can still fly to the country on a regular basis.

Photo: INDRANIL MUKHERJEE / AFP Thailand closes due COVID-19 stadiums, but continues to import from Russia tourists

as of Wednesday, the number of officially identified patients with coronavirus in the Kingdom has exceeded 200 people. However, taken the official Bangkok measures suggests that there does not perceive the situation as safe. With the media in Thailand has closed all the stadiums, the arena of Thai Boxing and cock-fighting, horse racing. Not bars and massage parlors. OnTroiano indefinitely the Thai new year celebration. All the festivals are cancelled. The students sit in quarantine at home. Authorities called to serve retired doctors.

But at the same beaches where primarily seeking tourists, remain open. How, in fact, catering companies, where most of the foreigners table. The reason is simple – the Kingdom does not want to lose the already diminished profit from tourism. Works Thai the trick – most fall today as the foreigners arrive without a visa (the stamp in the passport) and carried out in Thailand no more than two weeks. And this is just the average period of incubation period of coronavirus. After “landing” the tourists go home, where they may reveal the disease. The Thailand nothing is spent on treatment of “farang”.

In this scenario has developed a situation with one of the Russians, who flew from Phuket: an analysis of the coronavirus gave a positive result and now all the passengers of the ill-fated flight must go into quarantine. But this is not a problem official in Bangkok.

Perhaps the actions of the Kingdom there is another logic: to lure as many aliens, and then suddenly close the borders and shut down the country. And then there will be something that we are already seeing around the world. Caught in a stalemate, tourists are willing to shell out any money to return home. Those who remained were forced to wait out the quarantine, you will have to spend money on food and accommodation in hotels at least a month. These expenses are to repay no one is going.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich/ RIA Novosti Russia will introduce restrictions on flights to the UK, USA and UAE

the Continuation of Thailand’s policy of “open doors” against the Russians, against the advice of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and common sense, looks like a selfish attempt by the Kingdom to solve the economic problems due to the health tourists. And yet a trap for those tempted today at cheap holidays in Thailand, tomorrow will pay exorbitant prices to break out of the smiling heaven. While this may ultimately be the price of the current Thai hospitality.

against this kind of government policy of Thailand is the amazing failure of national carrier Thai airwais to cancel flights to Russia despite the fact that the March 18 entry of foreigners into our country is prohibited. The airline still sells tickets to the Russians in March and April. She is ready, no matter what, to haul to Bangkok and from Bangkok people are willing to risk health for the sake of the beautiful beaches and sun. I will add that carrier, understandably, does not return all the money for the tickets (except for the most expensive tariffs), the Russian clients who, aware of everything related COVID-19 risks, I would like to demonstrate civic responsibility and to cancel the trip to Thailand.