Sometimes – actually often – I do so as if I don’t see anyone. I see him exactly. I apologize to all, who feel addressed. I’m not going to change that. But I can tell you this: Someone is on this. So, sometimes it is. There are people on you, per se, not in the mood. But mostly it’s me and my lack of desire for interaction.

Last week, I meet at the bus stop, on a Ex-work acquaintances. I can see you – but you can’t see it. It doesn’t work out, she comes up to me. “Hey, how are you?” I hate this question and hate that I, too banal often start total a entertainment. Want to know the questioner is really how it is? The Sought-after answers really honest? He says that he is considering to change his Job (not for me, boss!), that he is not annoyed, because the Partner can handle, it is easy to separate the garbage correctly (relates a bit to you, friend!), or that this conversation disgusts straight?

We are talking trivial. As we get into the Tram, it happens soon: a Shocked silence returns. No one knows what he will ask or say to, because there’s just nothing. This Situation is to me so disagreeable, that I get off at the next stop and say I still needed to go shopping. When I’m outside in the fresh air, I feel free. I’m free.

A colleague told me also happened last week, that he was at a wedding and so glad when at last the dance floor was opened, and he no longer had to chat. “A casual conversation without any depth”, so Smalltalk is defined by the way. Bähm! There you have it, you little talk, you! A lot of you are not worth it.

in Turn, last week, I heard yet a better description of the small conversation. An author I greatly appreciate, and whose texts also available as a column on a can read, describes in his work, “Meyers little pocket lexicon” 150 cues from everyday life and gives them their own meanings. So also the term “death”.

Its Definition: “event, that gives a long rest for small talk.”