For some, there are meadows, the blooming Crocuses on the, for the other the first of the strawberries – colorful sign that spring is coming. But wait, strawberries? What did the search in March, in the shelves of the supermarkets? The have but only in the summer season, or? Exactly! In Switzerland strawberries are the earliest to be harvested in may. Everything you see in front of it in the shops, has come a long way.

Thirsty Fruits

in order To be really plump and juicy, need strawberries a lot of water – about 280 liters to make a kilogram of fruit is ripe. In the last year we have imported, according to data from Statista 14’000 tons of strawberries. The largest part came and is coming again in this summer from Spain. And there’s a little Problem: the high water the plants need to cover, there are always more and deeper wells are drilled. As a result, the groundwater level decreases, which in turn has a negative impact on the environment.

A popular growing area for strawberries is located in the South of Spain, in the vicinity of a national Park. For many animal species, the Paradise, because the whole year round, a warm and humid climate. However, since so much water is drawn for the strawberry growing out of the ground, threatening the national Park to dry up and disappearance of the habitat of many animals.

resist The temptation

stand Apart from the stark water consumption and the wide path, causing unnecessary CO2: If we are honest, not taste, even the Spanish strawberries right after the summer. Therefore, try to curb your Lust and not to wait for the really sweet fruits in June or July – the environment and your taste buds a favor!

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