aggressive mood, or just the fact that I compare people with animals. At the sight of a Person, a species that comes automatically to mind. After that, all I see is more animal than human. Well. There is just this type vis-à-vis hung. Blonde short hair, dark sunglasses (I don’t think Yes, that it needs in the morning to eight at a sun protection in the Tram, he obviously already is), headphones.

He I would not have noticed. Where, also I need to ask the question. To me people to fall in General. Sometimes, as I watch them almost to death. My escorts always say: “What you see everything!” Sometimes, because I see too much. This type, therefore is chewing on a Grisons meat-bun and makes it so loud Kaugeräusche that I think of first: That is, “do you Understand Fun?”. But no Laughter far and wide, just the nasty noise. He hisses and pushes the mud with his tongue again and again, to the front of the mouth opening – at the same time he clicks.

I stare at him. Yes, in such a Situation, you may stare. And you can clearly see in front of me: sweet, but wrinkled. Slowly, but deliberately. Your home feed always supporting the head, when everything is too much. The chewing man with the small nose and narrow mouth looks like a turtle. Just like his animal counterpart, a lettuce leaf hangs him from the corner of his mouth.

Behind him, a woman sitting with a Croissant. Of of your early stückerei you hear nothing. Meanwhile, my seat looks neighboring the smacking of turtle stunned. My thoughts wander: If I’m a power according to kauender type already so angry, I wonder then, why there is violence in the world? If I’m in an irritated state, a smacking of the passenger from the house, I wonder then, why there is war in the world?

Okay, okay, a little overdramatized. I already have a bad Conscience. I apologize to all turtles!