Why orphans will receive a housing certificate for 1.5 million rubles

Recall now the graduates of orphanages stand in a queue for housing. Regional authorities are obliged to provide them with the apartment of special needs housing. But it is not always happening on time. Sometimes cherished square meters have to wait for years.

– it is Proposed to give state housing certificate – explain the authors of the bill. Is a personal document certifying the right to a single payment for the purchase of the dwelling. The payment will be about 1487,3 thousand rubles.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin: System of education for orphans and children with disabilities must be flexible

Why that amount? The calculation is easy: 33 square metres per person. The estimated average cost per square meter – 45 068 rubles. This is the average figure for Russia in 2019.

According to the Russian popular front, only this year, in a direct line with the President received three of the thousands of applications for provision of housing to orphans. The average age of applicants is 28 years. However, 60 percent say that to defend their rights they had in court. Almost half already have children of their own.

“a Certificate can receive as we plan, all the persons from among children-orphans, because there are certain risks, – has told on “a round table” onf Director, Department for state policy in the sphere of protection of children’s rights Ministry of education of Russia Irina Terekhina. – It is issued to persons 25 years of age, not entered in the register of drug addicts and socialized, that is, having a permanent place of work, a family.”

what risks are we talking? In 18 years, graduates of children orphanages, as a rule, do not know how to dispose of imasociety and can become a victim of fraud. They need mechanisms of gradual socialization. At the “round table” of the popular front Chairman of the Board of the Ulyanovsk branch of the organization of assistance to reforming housing and communal services of Ruslan Khairov raised another important issue: often orphans provide housing in small and distant settlements, where there is no work. Non-gasified houses, property worth 300 thousand rubles, and communal services per year cost 500 thousand. Obviously, to settle in the cities and district centers, the orphans will not go to these apartments. Housing certificates can really help.

What else is the bill? Regions will maintain a register of housing for orphans. And the orphans will have to inform the authorities of their actual location. This should be done once in six months. The bill also prescribes a list of conditions for which there can be children-orphans in the same apartment with parents deprived of parental rights.

the Way

In Primorsky Krai in 2019 has already introduced local housing certificates. The Deputy Minister of education of the region Natalia Vasileska reported that the subject of the issued certificate 133, 104 people have benefited from the housing. In 2020 it is planned to issue more than 500 certificates.

numbers Only

as of January 2020, and in housing need 191 004 orphans who have turned 18 years of age, that is flat need “right now”. But when they get it, is unknown. And this despite the fact that to ensure orphans flats regions is provided annually by the Federal subsidy. Only for 2020 for these purposes, provided more than 7.7 billion rubles. In 2021 and 2022 will be the same amount.