Why online study takes strength and nerves, but increases the efficiency

“In the classroom the teacher and students see each other get mutual verbal and non-verbal signals, – quotes the expert a press-service of the University. The tutor is a professional in his subject is able to communicate with students in a “relaxed way”: ask question and get the answer. Front of a computer screen people are more focused, but do not receive support, which is possible in face-to-face format: there is no exchange of views, exchange of energy is also arranged differently.”

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Conducting training on “udalenke” the teacher does several things: tells the material, sets of exercises, monitor questions in the chat, helps students to resolve technical problems. “It turns out that the teacher is a multi-armed Shiva, who have to do everything at once, and it can be quite difficult,” – says Maria Lebedeva.

also in the audience giving a lecture, you can get up and walk to stretch their legs. But in front of the screen to do so does not, in any case, disappeared from the screen, the lecturer will cause extra issues.

“For students working online is no less psychological burden. My students said it was stress, they were afraid, when they have something did not work to turn on or to do” – says Lebedev.

But there are obvious advantages of online classes. For example, teachers in one voice say that I feel a great involvement of students, grows efficiency. However, this may be a temporary effect.

In the classroom there is a “flow effect”: “I did not understand, but saw others and did everything right.” With online classes community assistance much less

Teachers say that during full-time studies there is a “flow effect”: “I do not knowYal, but saw others and did the right thing” or “I just stayed, I was not asked – do not worry.”

“During the online classes that the community is much smaller, because each is left alone with the task you want to perform. Transparency in online education is significantly higher: to sit, to write off will not work. Increases individual responsibility, individual load on each”, – said the expert.

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Maria Lebedeva gives some tips to teachers on how to organize online lessons. For example, the need to attend to, what kind of background do the students: your photos are littered with clothes or the sofa will be seriously distracting: “the Background should be neutral so as much as possible distractions for students, lighting is good, wear comfortable, but formal, and the chair is comfortable… And be sure to keep close to a water, because the strain on the ligaments online tutor is very big” – the expert recommends.

That all went as smoothly as possible, you need to contact the students and find out what device they have. “If we understand that students will go with the phone, so choose a platform that will work well with your phone,” explains the teacher.

According to experts, during the online lesson can be many distractions, so we need rules so that the group can effectively interact. “Ask students to turn off notifications on the phone, put the phone screen down, closing all third-party tab,” advises Maria Lebedeva.