to visit. They live in another city, in another country. See you rare, to tell so much to. Topics in people over 30: love, family, Job, Housing. They get back together and the basic trust of the friendship is back, the conversation deeper. The real feelings that employ a degree come to the table.

Why are we suddenly in the middle of the marriage issue were, I can’t understand. Maybe I asked the friend with the almost two-year-old child, whether or not you marry. Either because I’m conservative, although I thought the traditional order of family life – first marriage, then a child – was a thing of the past. Or is it because I’m totally selfish, because I want to like a Celebration. In any case, Both want to get married, but you simply will not be asked. The initial situation: eight years of relationship, once four, including a child. One of the men has a Trauma from his mother, she is divorced two Times. The other was still so young and does not want to bind, quoted by his girlfriend. Do not bind? This is noticed with the child. “Ridiculous, I know,” says my friend, on this statement your friend. “I just want to know if it will happen, otherwise I may conclude,” says the other. She has also instructed a colleague to make your friend the marriage will be tasty. Specifically: to persuade. In every vacation, while all of romantic togetherness you think: Now passierts! What you want – and what woman wants in General (warning, bad word): a Commitment. À la: “You’re it!” Not the four women before and not after. For heaven’s sake, never, never, never come!

women don’t? Because you are senses on this issue – emancipation – Prince. And a Princess waits and waits and waits. That mostly men ask and expect women to be the, even been confirmed by a Swiss study. I think: 2019 Prince and Princess to write their own fairy tale.