Why leap year is so important in the lives of my contemporaries

– A year is not a leap year? asked, happened, mistress in the holiday apron, putting on the Christmas table of any hard-won market goose, or a salad, asked with some concern. And receiving a negative reply, satisfied nodded, well, thank God.

Fear is a leap year

Why is this topic of “extra days”, “leap year” is so concerned about us, the Soviet people, than cling to some myths appealed?

I think that this “special” year, with its strange bulging from calendar day – waiting with fear and with hope. Waited – as the year of change. In this explosive mixture was the solution of the phenomenon.

at some point began to seem that time stood still, stopped – same “song of the year” January 1, same – generally indistinguishable by words, not to mention the style of the news bulletins on TV. “In the Politburo. Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee considered the question…”, the announcer Shilova in strict glasses announcer Kirillov in strict glasses identical grocery orders, buckwheat, green peas, chicken Hungarian, it is the same all across the country wages (except for the area with the Northern allowance) and coupons for the purchase of this and that – in short, in this measured rhythm, which Chagall, the country was doomed, and at the same time, the reliability, and that’s why “leap years” were waiting with fear, and hope – and suddenly something will change? And how?

do Not know, why exactly was expected of him. Going over in memory the events of leap years.

Why the Olympics-80 in Moscow did not build McDonald’s and who watered “turpentine”?

the 80-th year. Olympics. Well, a good year, no? But it was Afghanistan, and that under the new, 1980. Dark, mysterious, struck us unexpectedly – a real polemistabna war. And died in a monastery.

the 76-year – he is calm, he is bright, he is even encouraging in some way, but it began with the twenty-fifth Congress of the Communist party, half the country was forced to cram his “regulations”, “decisions”, “major problem”, to the other Marxism-Leninism added a huge quotes upon admission to the Institute was necessary to know “close enough”, but rather by heart, and has made all these life-changing formulas from the mouth of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, who by this time even simple words sometimes uttered with some difficulty, and here it is – reclamation, irrigation, integrated approach, and so on. It was a pity the old man.

Well, the 84th, for example, a year when he began to reign choking Chernenko. Or 88th year of the nineteenth party conference, when nobody understood what was happening, where Gorbachev leads us, forward or backward, what’s around the corner – a disaster or a breakthrough?

Photo: A. Ageev, N. Ageev / TASS kaleriya Kislova: Yeltsin, unlike Gorbachev, all called “you”

a Society that has lost the sense of movement, of development, clinging to any signs, symbols or even signs, to understand, to realize, to believe in something. Even the “scary” leap year.

I remember how people sincerely, sincerely sighing, said – and here I have in that year my mom got sick, I hardly got out, would rather it was over, that damn leap year! It’s right in my ears is since. I myself believed ashamed to say…

What changed?

Any year has become a leap. The rapid movement of history ruined our idea of what can and what cannot be. It can be. Everything.

the Smoke from forest fires, symbolically speaking, it can reach the capitals, the glaciers melted andKean will rise to the level needed to flood the shore, well, that’s one side. On the other hand, I would not be surprised if tomorrow you invent a cure for cancer, a plane without fuel will start selling land on the moon, and begin the era of zero-transfer when my body is calm will pass through a 3D printer on the other side of the Earth, and I’ll be there “within” ten minutes. That is, we live in a sci-Fi novel where a utopia mixed with the anti-utopia, and in this sense one year or another is no different, time is speeding up, fear and hope mingled in one sense, we all are waiting for change, passionately waiting for change, and at the same time afraid of them. What really is a leap year.

and finally, most importantly…

We were very appreciate this extra day.

This extra day of our lives. We began to appreciate this most personal, private, intimate, home, private start – much more than before. It’s the only thing that is not subject to any changes. Our most important asset – family, favorite people, habits, lifestyle, habitat, Yes, just our old apartment and this couch and this yard and this way from one subway station to another, and these numbers, and these read-re-read books. New hits us with such force that we are looking for a foothold. And every minute of life becomes more valuable and more valuable.

So what is a leap year, friends! He longer for the day!