I do not know. I’m on the questions, no big thoughts, more about the answers.

Yes, but the stay in-house.

Since you have to time the Cheers questions, what he blew up in 1982. At that time wars even more serious, because there were only 12 or 13 races (there were 16, Red.). Today there are 21. I think we had at the beginning of the Chance to win even more races. At the end, certainly not more. We had a good package, but it was under the dash-not good enough.

I do not know. I was never in the Mercedes. And in the Ferrari I didn’t win it.

As we were with Mercedes at eye level. But then it was getting harder and harder… Even if the people have spoken in Belgium, nor of the red’s dominance, the internal perception was different. We were often not as strong as it is made to the outside appearances.

Yes, that’s true. However, after the summer break, he has missed us mostly. We have struggled with our development steps, and then went back to the Stand to Monza.

Simply stated: We were on the Limit and then, of course, tried even more to get out somewhere to squeeze. And in this way, we made a mistake, we have not perceived immediately as an error. And then we are rushing just in the wrong direction.

Schumacher miss. This could give you important tips for life at Ferrari outside of the cockpit.
Yes, it still applies. Michael has spent many years in Maranello, and his spirit hovers more about the Team! With Michael I would speak now the language of the driver and not the technician. Therefore, a conversation would help me extremely. Because with Michael, I had always a great relationship. Yes, I miss him.

(hesitates) no.

GP are different to GP total? Michelin would never go in the formula 1, if you would have to build at the command of a rubber, the only survived a few rounds.
I don’t know. How am I supposed to say now. I know what you ask. I think, today, you often feel the need to make everyone happy. And if one then speaks of this Sport and how entertaining it is – then there are a lot of parameters to measure. The Overtaking play the major role. But you never asked if they were authentic. Of course, we had a boring race, as there are boring football games.

I don’t think much of the artificial parameters, so to allow the tyres to artificially reduce it. Or this DRS System, as the fuel savings – these are things from the rider’s point of view, speaking against the nature of the sport. The tennis players will also be imposed, with a lot of Topspin and how often you must hit the balls with the pace. Everything is over-regulated. With the aim of thought, to make everything better. Believe me, we would prefer often to go faster!

That depends. From the outside, to be seen, only the results. But there are of course many things that happen behind the Scenes. In this regard, it was not an easy season. Yes, I know that it was not an easy one. Also from the mind.

When one operates in this Sport full of passion, then you have to expect that the pendulum breaks out on both sides. So it’s not just the cheering. But you can’t always win – and then are all the rage in the first Moment, often the emotions. Maybe I’ve learned from my mistakes from the past.

I. And so I got my annual punishment, Yes. The bill has not yet come, but I’m pretty sure that it’s coming.

Well, the FIA says that the material was worth 22 000 Euro. Then you would have just rounded up, because you had to buy some cable to do this…

No idea. Contrary to the developments of our time, I didn’t feel the need, me to tell. You should never say never, but a book about Vettel is not yet on my list.

no, because I’m probably the last of the Mohicans.

Clean . What are you trusting him?
I believe that the past season has made the Team courage. I still know some people from my first GP 2007 in Indianapolis, as I was able to get Clean for a championship point. It’s Kimi’s capable of anything that he can squeeze out of the car and in the midfield for the ride.

As we see ourselves apart from the racetracks, private well, not all the situations. I’ve been trying to beat him. He tried the same with me. Because friendships play in the race, hardly a role.

Leclerc brings a lot of Talent and ambition to Maranello . Since there is no red harmony is certainly in view as mostly with Kimi.
, The white I not yet. The harmony between me and Kimi, we have not have stopped us with unnecessary banter. We have each other always left the necessary space – and thus the Team unnecessary Worries spared. Each person is different, and as Charles and I are ticking along, it will show. But he is a well behaved Boy and Ferrari, it’s a great opportunity for him. The basic law will not change this time: Everyone wants to beat the other.

(laughs). There he shall remain. No, no, but a couple of years, he could still remain…

Yes, but all on the planet earth. Yes, if one could just fly times, I would call, maybe even with Lewis. However, at the start of the season in 2019 in Melbourne we should be in March again.

We always talk a lot of vacation and recreation. I would like to travel for a few months to India. This country fascinates me. But there are other places that have impressed me. And this joy I want to share with family and friends.

not at All. Really. Only one can win. Unfortunately, we have had our mistakes, if it now my, or the Team, I would like to not separate. I’m always in front of the Team. Below-the-line Mercedes was better, Lewis is the better driver, got more points and fewer mistakes made. As simple as that.

Angela Merkel?
I don’t want to trade places with her. I don’t think there is currently a lot of people who want to trade places with her?

It is a pleasure for me as a big Fan of the Elf watching. Super at the Moment. Many see Frankfurt in the Champions League. Well, let’s wait and see.

Beautifully. You can use this lake a lot of things. If you live only ten miles away, to the Paradise. I think I fell in love with earlier in the case of a class trip in the lake.

still ugly, but I think everyone has gotten used to it now.

I am glad that we are allowed to live there, where there are these four times of the year. Hopefully it will be cold enough in Winter for skiing.

it Could be 2019, the big Surprise. For the spectators it would be nice if Red Bull would constantly find the connection.

For the kids, it is great. They are always thrilled when they are allowed to stand next to us. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that one should eliminate would have the Grid Girls never.

The new owner will still need some time. We all have what it takes for a better future.

I’m Missing. The Backgammon games with him are always interesting.

Kubica ?
I’m in two minds. On the one hand, it is a pleasure for me personally. Because nobody can imagine how hard it was for him, what he has been through. On the other hand, there are also young driver who deserved a Chance…

Yeah, maybe he is with us now simulator driver.

This is similar to Angela Merkel. I don’t know if many want to trade places with him. A lot of criticism is now unfair, we always like to see what someone has achieved. But it reads always better if it is someone bad. I don’t think it’s right to forget his achievements in the last twelve years.

I’ve seen him and the Hand shaken. But never one big talk with him. He is the symbol of beauty and perfection, what relates to his Sport. Roger Federer is like the word timeless. Although there are laws that apply to all, but he seems to put them for the most part. He is simply top-notch. 37.

Can be, but if I have in six years the same level. Let’s see.

Too-campaign ?
What am I supposed to say to that now? (studied for a long time) is How quickly the campaign, out of fashion, is shown by the fact that we don’t hear for some time now, so much of it. Maybe it was all exaggerated. However, it remains a very serious and sensitive issue.

it’s all True.

Now, the Fox with the chickens in the holidays. So we tell it to our children…

3. July 1987 in Heppenheim, (Hesse) born. His parents Norbert and Heike supported him, renounced much – so that Sebastian could continue with four years of karting. In 2007 he made his debut with Sauber-BMW in Indy (8.). In 2008, he celebrated at Toro Rosso in Monza the first victory. Then he drove for six years, Red Bull (38 victories and four world titles). Starting in 2015 at Ferrari (13 victories). Total: 219 GP, 55 Poles and 111 places on the podium.