Why in a crisis increases the risk of becoming a victim of financial fraud

usually, the fraudsters quickly react to any changes in the market and media agenda, said the Bank of Russia. They can use panic, lack of awareness, the usual worries and fears of people and make money.

Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images In Canada built the list of fraudulent schemes created by the coronavirus

on the other hand, financial shocks fundamentally changing investment habits and investment behavior of consumers. They become immune to previous investment proposals, focused on the long term, to economic growth, says the managing Federal public-state Fund on protection of the rights of investors and shareholders Marat Safiulin. But people are more susceptible to all sorts of speculative projects – from a relatively safe purchase foreign currency prior to investing in a new cryptocurrency (nearly 100% risk of losing money) or, as it was after the 2008 crisis – in micro-credit (high risk of losing money). In a time of crisis in demand are the legends connected with the “eternal values” – gold and real estate. You can also expect an increase in unscrupulous investment projects.

“the First swallow – today we fix the activation lifontov offered to return all lost money, says Safiullin. But… for return on investment it is necessary to fork out again, and usually the scammers manage to take unsuspecting citizens cost several times. Of course none of the victims receives from such “funds” not a penny.”

in France, scammers are cashing in on the coronavirus

Over the past few weekseh, the Internet significantly increased the activity of people in search of therapeutic and prophylactic antiviral agents. This certainly will take advantage of dealers, who, under this natural demand of citizens provide the raw to a different kind of “effective” drugs, says Safiullin. You can expect the emergence of fraudulent investment projects are reportedly the development of modern antiviral drugs. It begs the question why these projects do not lend to banks, why “businessmen” go to the people and offer yields significantly higher than on deposits.

against the background of the probable aggravation of the problem of bad debts it’s possible the revival of criminal practices “of razdelinaia” promising zeroing credit debt, fears of Vice-Chairman of the International Confederation of societies of consumers (Konfop) Dmitry Yanin. It is important to remember that there is no legal way of debt relief, except through the filing of a lawsuit to the arbitration court on personal bankruptcy with the involvement of the liquidator. Other structures that promise to relieve you from your financial obligations or provide certain leasing fraud, emphasizes Janine.

Photo: istock the cyber fraudsters have incorporated a new virus in your Arsenal

While the Central Bank has not fixed any surge in fraud in the financial market. “Still active are pseudoinvexity in cryptocurrencies, but this is the trend of recent years, not dependent on recent changes in the financial market”, – said the representative of the Bank of Russia.

In any market situation do not need to change dramatically its standard financial behavior. “We should not expect that someone will give you a magic recipe for “absolute money”, – emphasized in the Bank. For such proposals most often are the usual scammers who usewill isout social engineering and manipulate your behavior for their benefit”.