Why group Little Big deserve to go to Eurovision

the St. Petersburg group Little Big will be probably the most unusual and unexpected the Russian participant of “Eurovision” for all of our time stay in the competition! Before Russia was invited, as a rule, stylish and strong singers, such that at least on the cover of fashion magazines: Alexey Vorobyev, Petr Nalich, double-Dima Bilan, double-Sergey Lazarev. Or beautiful and spectacular singers with excellent vocal Polina Gagarina, Alsu, Natalia Podolskaya, Julia Savicheva…

Photo: Ilya Pitalev/RIA Novosti Sergey Shnurov confirmed that “Leningrad” will give concerts

At the time, as other countries, mainly treat Eurovision more seriously and thoroughly, arguable. Had fun and made mischief from the heart, went against the trends of show business: I sent him a freak, or novice, if not entirely unusual for show business people, which is hard to imagine singing in a “jam” Packed “Olympic”. Often, too, and won, at least remember who won “Eurovision”-2018 lush through the net with the song Toy?!

Now, finally decided to take a chance in a new tradition of “Eurovision” us! For the first time sent a group of able and defiantly theatrical to sing, to mock, to become the missing link between the “Evenings on a farm near Dikanka” by Gogol, and modern Russian comedies (“Kiss!”, “The best day” and others). And most importantly – we will show Europe that our artists are able not only to look beautiful, right to sing the notes, but to be a truly inexhaustible imagination, on a bright idea and generous on the irony people!

So here they are – the St. Petersburg musicians Little Big headed by the soloist of group Ilya by Prusiking. Certainly, Zenit will open in Rotterdam 2020 and its new, yet unknown talents and possibilitiest! And yet that’s what he told about himself, his group, his work and future plans of the charismatic leader of the band, the singer and frontman Ilya Prusikin:

the first success and, in fact, the beginning of glory

In the history of the Little Big do a lot of coincidences. We just filmed the first video on April 1. It turned out that he shot. And all began to say: “Can you group do?” But it still wouldn’t have if we hadn’t been asked to perform at the opening act Die Antwoord (very rhythmic and even quite shocking-looking hip-hop Duo from South Africa, approx. “RG”). We were like, “we Have no songs”. And to us: “But you have a month ahead.” And we wrote six songs, removed the clips… no One thought that we on these songs to make money. It happened…

About the music Photo: Little Big/ youtube.com Vine explained why not to root for Little Big at Eurovision

We have always been rock musicians and remain with them. What we’re playing now is a new formation of music. All of our songs have a structure of rock songs rather than the electronic track. But at the same time we love the rave (more than just their music, obviously, the influence of the Prodigy, approx. “RG”) and combined these two genres… We just want to show people that they own their lives. Countries and governments is not as important as they think man can do anything.

About the song for “Eurovision”

While I can say that we show what we do best – show. And to announce that the song will be fun!

“We were in the Studio, where we spend a major amount of time to write songs, to come up with clips. When I got the news, of course, delighted. But then it became a little scary. It’s still a big responsibility – to represent Russia. Onwith its huge expectations, we are afraid not to justify. But we will try to do everything to avoid this”, – said Ilya KP.Ru.

the Way

On the First channel the Explorer, “RG” reported that “while the closed group of all” because “above us is hanging a deadline.” After all, the song and video should officially submit until Monday 9 March.

To the end of the week, time is short, but as you can see from different statements Ilya Prusikin, Little Big and with such complex tasks managed!