Why good terrorists does not happen

on the Eve of Maskhadov and three of his guards were able to get out of the encirclement and hide in Tolstoy-Yurt in the house of a distant relative of the extremist leader. When the center was blocked by the troops, for a small one-story house came the special forces of FSB and MVD. Maskhadov with the guards was hiding in the basement. Negotiations lasted about an hour. Witnesses told that the protection of Maskhadov, realizing the situation, tried to persuade him to leave. In the end, from the cellar came out only three guards Aslan Maskhadov.

As today in the time after the death of Maskhadov enough votes in each corner to explain what happened, only worse. Maskhadov was allegedly “good” for Russia, and to replace him now will come the desperate terrorists. Called the same Shamil Basayev. They really came. And also ignominiously left. But for all, without exception, is costly. Because the terrorists are not good. And what they do for everyone, even if he didn’t hear no name or the names of the terrorist.

Photo: RIA Novosti foreign Minister: Russia’s Position on terrorists in Syria remains the same

Over the past decade has clearly identified a simple scheme: terrorism is a crime against the safety of everyone. And it is easy to prove, since terrorism is always and everywhere only two components. First, terrorism is always directed exclusively against the civilian population. And the second is the goal of terrorists is to intimidate and create an atmosphere of panic. Any sane person understands that a terrorist act is not just murder or assault. The history of terrorism, it only confirms.

Terrorism is not a new concept. Just before these crimes had a different name. Suffice it to recall the high-profile terrorist act – the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He startedeh First World war with millions of victims.

In terror, people come with different problems, and manage the same, but more rich and cynical. And religious views in this matter never were the main motifs.

Many smart people around the world have long been trying to find the causes of terrorism. In the end, they came to the conclusion that hatred, poverty, hopelessness – is not the cause but merely a breeding ground of terrorism. Terrorism for years, mutating, like a dangerous virus. Modern terrorists, unlike their predecessors, more violent, better organized and they are commonplace – richer.

Photo: Igor Zarembo/RIA Novosti Fighters against terrorism will be able to get several benefits simultaneously

the Money, which organized the attacks, give trade in drugs, weapons, sponsors. With the money for this evil are as of business close to the terrorists people, so a contribution put ordinary citizens. The same modest provincial vendor shop in the Russian hinterland, which under the persuasion of friends mindlessly transfers the money to a “Holy struggle of brothers”, I’m sure it would not come to blow up her place of work.

Now there are new types of terrorism. It attacks in cyberspace, terrorism with chemical and biological weapons. There was even such a thing as a “terrorist act in the name of ecology”.

it is believed that the worst consequence of terrorism victims, the crippled destinies. But this is only the visible part of the iceberg. Terrorism hits the economic system. And this is very serious. To combat terrorism the government has in this direction is to regularly invest new money. In “troubled” areas dying trade, tourism, local production, there are no investors will not invest a penny.

From this point of view, terrorism affects every person, even if he is sure that it is evil, certainly not concern. Even as concerns. The country has to take a lot of money from taxes to spend on fighting terrorists. The money it could invest in the economy, medicine, education.

Photo: Igor Zarembo/RIA Novosti Putin praised the FSB for the elimination of “sleeper cells” of terrorists

did you Notice? We even began to relax with caution. An elementary example is always a safe place of rest to become turbulent due to the influx of refugees from Asia, under which species come to Europe terrorists. So today, terrorism is an absolute evil for all.

No political and social problems can justify the killing of people. In the attacks and blame the terrorists, and the arguments that supposedly someone “brought ordinary citizens” before” the game on the side of the terrorists.

Today, in all developed countries adhere to an iron rule to negotiate with terrorists is impossible. Our country is a rule experienced. In memory of the present generation of Russians – the decision to stop the operation and release of terrorists in Budennovsk. It really saved the lives of the hostages. But let’s be honest – departure of buses from the city with the bandits was a victory for the terrorists. And it pushed them to new attacks. With Budennovska need to start counting of the tragedy of “Nord-OST” and Beslan.

the Only way to defeat terrorism is a consolidation of all countries against him. There is a good example. Air piracy is actually stopped, when all countries have agreed and just went off the hijackers. And where their plane was allowed to sit up, “took” hijackers as thugs and sent to prison.

And you don’t need to see that it is forbidden in our country al Qaeda and ISIS grew and developed into a terrible force where political purposes was the excuse of terror.

Photo: iStock Article of the Criminal code on “telephone terrorism” will overwrite the

Fighting terrorism should be professionals. Corny but better and cheaper – prevention. This attention and concern about family and friends on the one hand and on the other – intolerance towards anyone, even the most tiny sympathy for terrorism and justify it. No need to feel sorry for someone who got a fine and a criminal record for something that “only a few thousand translated” to help the “freedom fighters” in a distant country.

Today, one of the main priorities of Russian state policy is the fight against terrorism. In recent years the country has been able in this sense to do quite a lot. The first law “On combating terrorism” in 1998 took into account the bitter experience of Budennovsk and for the first time severely limited the negotiating with terrorists. Its successor, the 2006 law “On countering terrorism” was more complex and included many aspects of preventive work. Began to close the channels in the Network mastered by the terrorists.

Result – the numbers that recently led President. Vladimir Putin said that last year the number of terrorist crimes have been reduced.

“the Total number of terrorist crimes continues to fall since nine in 2018 to four in 2019, with 57 prevented such crimes, 18-year – 36”, – said the President of the Russian Federation, speaking at a meeting of the Board of the Federal security service.

Putin added that among the prevented crimes was 34 attack.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/RG in the CIS counter-terrorism

Work on anti-terrorist laws, unfortunately, not a great job. The laws about terrorism are written in blood. Every Russian and foreign terrorist attack, successful or just planned, practical experience is enriched by special services.

But I must admit, there are situations when the terrorists are a step ahead of the state. Many of their ideas just do not fit into the normal human consciousness – to capture the school children, a concert hall with spectators. It is clear that the goal of security services in a situation of a terrorist attack is to save people at any cost. For the sake of security officers often sacrifice their lives. But it happens that in time the operation against terrorists it is almost impossible to calculate that all conditions to the hostages remained alive and healthy. In this case, to make decisions, knowing their price – incredible moral and psychological burden.

And know that only the soldiers of the intelligence services and their bosses, well, guess their loved ones. If ordinary people are not always aware of anti-terrorist actions of the authorities, this does not mean that nothing is being done. We must understand that full disclosure of all information in that area simply can not be. And this General rule of anti-terrorism fighters in the world.

it is Impossible to “light” agents, not “suggest” possible terrorists actions against them. In any case, you can not scare and cause panic among the population. That the terrorists and their sponsors, in fact, waiting.

Photo: courtesy of the CSTO the CSTO Countries intend to create a single list of terrorist organizations

And here is almost the main responsibility for spreading information about the attacks are the media. Often media, without realizing it, become accomplices of terrorists . And it does not matter why it is done – just the pursuit of sensation, gathering likes or some higher considerations.

Today, in the conditions when every person with a mobile phone in itself, the media, the question of responsibility for the dissemination of information is particularly acute. Because the money to pay terrorists not just so – they first require a report “about the done work”. Before you upload captured footage to the network, it would be nice to think there are terrorists that would PR their actions and “to write reports” for them. And suddenly tomorrow they will give money on your next action against your family?