The legend for Valentine’s day

According to the legend, Valentine was a Christian priest. Against the year 270, he has drawn the wrath of the Roman Emperor Claudius II, because he married couples. The Emperor forbade him from this, in consequence of, because, in his view, from married men is a bad soldier. Finally, the Emperor put the priest in prison. There, he fell in love with the blind daughter of his guard’s. By a miracle, he should have played by the eyes of light, and the whole family to the Christian Faith converted. As the Emperor of this wonder of the learned, he had Valentine on the 14th. February behead. Before his death, Valentine and his Lover should have sent the message: “From your Valentine”.

Commercial greeting cards from 1847

The first commercial greeting cards for Valentine’s day were in 1847, in Worcester in the U.S. state of Massachusetts from the 19-year-old Esther Howland produced. Your prototype for a British map served as an Inspiration, had great success. 5000 of these cards were ordered.

Howland produced the cards on the treadmill and committed friends to Cut, Arrange and Glue the different motifs. In the best years, it achieved a turnover of around 100’000 dollars with the Valentine’s cards.

The myth after the Roman Emperor Claudius II to marry his soldiers to have banned. The Roman priest Valentine has set on the ban – and was at 14. February is 269. For this he is revered today as a Martyr.

20 to 30 percent of The 14. February, the partner search website through recorded more registrations than the year as a whole. But attention: The Online search for love is not free and the bill is not extended automatically every month, if you cancel.

300 000 letters go through Loveland
Around 70 000 inhabitants in the US town of Loveland in Colorado. The Post slides but each year, in February, of extra layers. The reason: Around 300 000 people want the Valentine’s cards have provided your beloved with the postal stamp “love the country”. How lovely! Wow!

What flowers to give for Valentine’s day?

passion and love – “I love You” is Ideal to make a Declaration of love.

– friendship – Let’s be friends! These flowers you can’t offer better on Valentine’s day

– infidelity and jealousy – “I know what you did!” But also “I forgive” mean.

– shyness and tenderness to confess Perfect “I love You” secretly.

– love and Affection – “I’m in love with you!” To say perfect beginning of a relationship

romantic compliments – Fits well to a colleague, “I think that’s great!”

attractiveness and attractiveness – an Original gift to say “You’re one in a million!”

jealousy and accusation – “I don’t know that you’re faithful to me!”

– Serenity and peace – This flower is ideal to tell someone: “I’m already forgiven!”

– I’m Single – to show to Give white carnations, “I’m available!”

beauty, desire, attraction – “Take me!”

– gratitude – Through you everything is beautiful – A great Declaration of love!

grief – The best flower after the Breakup: “How could you forget me so soon!”

joy and Fun, Ideal when Flirting: “my place or yours?”

Valentine’s day is celebrated by Lovers all over the world. As numerous as the countries, know the Valentine’s day, so different are the customs, which is the day of lovers is celebrated.