What are we celebrating on 1. May?

The labor day is on 1. May celebrated. On this day in 1884, a General strike took place in North America. The workers laid down their work and demonstrated. At this time, it is common to work ten hours per day, twenty years before, even eleven to thirteen hours. In 1889, an international labor Congress was held in Paris, it was decided that workers around the world on 1. May 1890 strike.

The date was selected because in the USA the 1. May as the “day of the workers” had already naturalized. In 1919, after the First world war, was set in the Weimar Republic, the working time to eight hours per day and 1. May for the public holiday declared. To the statutory holiday the 1. May 1933, under the Nazis, as a day of national work.

1. May in Switzerland

In Switzerland, was the 1. May 1890, already in 34 places, and in 1910 the even 96 places were celebrated. In Zurich, thousands of workers before 1. World war II demonstrated, the content is dominated by 1. World war, clearly the demand for the 8-hour day, was established in 1919.

There is no uniform regulation in Switzerland: Some cantons celebrate the 1. May as a day of work, in other cantons, you have half a day free, and in some municipalities, such as in Schüpfheim and Hildisrieden, Canton of Lucerne and in the municipality of Muotathal in the Canton of Schwyz, the 1 is. May a day of remembrance for their respective patron Saint.

Many countries celebrate labour day as a statutory holiday, is celebrated to this day in Switzerland, only in some Parts. On 1. May is in eight cantons. In the other cantons is to be slaved. The holiday maze of an Overview of Switzerland.


read Three facts about the labour day on 1. May

a : The first Demo will take place on 1. In may, 1856, in Australia. Workers are demonstrating for the 8-hour day. A year later, American industry strike in Chicago, the Haymarket workers. In 1889, the labour movement calls the 1. May for the day.

: in 1890, a strike of 200 000 Hamburger for months for the 8-hour day – at first unsuccessfully. In this country it will take until 1918 until the country strike 250 rebel 000 workers: Switzerland, and the Weimar Republic a result, the 8-hour day.

Regularly, some of the anarchists of the Black bloc after the celebrations in Zurich, Basel or Bern beat operated, the display window is small or the car Windows of the local residents. Fortunately, there are not a lot of: 400 to 500, according to the Zurich police spokesman Marco Cortesi.