Why do the Americans have discovered 15 secret biological laboratories in Ukrane

Vladimir Zelensky asked to check what exactly in Ukraine are 15 American biological laboratories. Details of their work secret. Even the Ukrainian leadership do not explain anything. Earlier the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry said that the coronavirus in China brought the us military.

In the Ukraine know exactly what they are — American biomedical laboratory. But not anymore. 15 centers for learning — it is unclear what, from what and why. And even when I wanted to find out — all in vain.

But what is so carefully concealed, and why? It is known that similar biological laboratories more than two hundred. And not only in Ukraine. Even in some post-Soviet countries and not only. They were already there for a long time — since the mid-zero. And the goal initially sounds like a good. To investigate how the different ethnic groups carry different viral bacterial disease. Again, American democracy is on guard. If not for one thing.

“Where’s the publication? Who say “we investigated” the people in Zimbabwe, people somewhere in the Sudan, in Ukraine, in Georgia. In Ukraine, in Georgia, where? Where? Where these studies to the world community, putting a hand on her heart, said “Oh, what you done, we now know how to defeat most diseases”, asked Alex Levkov, military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”.

the Ukrainians have reached a boiling point when China openly accused the United States that their military is involved in the spread of coronavirus in China. This statement was made by the official representative of the Minister of foreign Affairs of China Zhao Lijiang. And at this point it is extremely important to pay attention to. In conditions where the coronavirus was able to arrest, Beijing knows — where it came from. After all, those same Americans are stigmatized China in the beginning of the pandemic.

“Chinese officials, they are not doing reservations. China begins to actively engage in counter-propaganda war. China repeatedly in a variety of media allow these quoted leaks that it was brought by the Americans, some foreign laboratory. Were involved in this process”, — says Alexey Maslov, orientalist, Professor at the HSE.

experts have long been exploiting two facts — Bacillus in China could make, and the virus may have been created in the laboratory. The question suggests itself — and if the infection is synthesized in the Ukraine? And in the circles of virologists discussed — the Americans are working on different viruses that can be categorized as “biological weapons”. There was criticism and investigation. Even know the specific lab that was closed.

“it is Clear that this lab was guarded by some of the American military, and there is speculation that some of them were in international war games, which took place in Wuhan, in October 2019. The latest study, which was conducted by the Chinese, saying that the virus that got into this market, was brought in from outside,” — said Alexey Leonov, military expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland”.

In the media many times discussed in these secret laboratories in Ukraine conducting experiments on people. Even wrote that 15 people were killed in the course of research, then they were cremated.

And given all the terrible details, of which there may be few, the question arises — will the Ukrainian authorities to disclose the card? When there is a question about the safety of the people on earth? And finally, figure out which vial was born coronavirus.