a terrible discovery in a Network came across the head of the crisis centre for the victims of domestic violence “Birds” Natalia Nikiforova and volunteer centre Lidia Panova. Human rights defenders were amazed at how easy they are on the Internet sites with pedophile themes frankly and fearlessly and how actively they operate. Today the girl asked the Prosecutor, to Roskomnadzor and the online reception office of Ombudsman for children – however in response to the silence.

Rightly judging that every minute of delay is a danger to children, the human rights activist appealed to the public. “MK” has learned the details first hand.

In all instances Natalia Nikiforova and Lidia Panova asked to block access to the website of the St. Petersburg writer, who creates under the pseudonym Alesha LOKIS, as well as to the resource “Right to love”, openly promotes sex with minors.

– While answered only in Roskomnadzor and not officially, but just on the phone, – tell girls. – Said on the website Lokisa no violations, all under the law. But you would have seen that there!!!

According to human rights defenders, their investigation began randomly and lasted for three days non-stop and girls had to go to a therapist to protect her own psyche.

– it all Started with the fact that my PM was written by a girl, who in childhood was raped, – says Natalya. – In our center with similar stories apply regularly, but the victim wrote that I found on the net repost from the forum of pedophiles and now she feels bad, as if everything began again.

human rights activist admit that initially even could not imagine that this could be virtually free – but check decided.

– First, we found the portal “Right to love” – says Lydia. Is the website outright pedophiles that are available in the Internet in the form of a mirror. Provided with a message that “the portal was created and funded an independent group of volunteers for joint activities”. There’s also the address and detailed instructions on how to get to the pedophile forum “Nymphetamine”. It’s already on the Darknet, and there’s even a section of Dating with children. And the mountains of references to Alyosha Larisa – of a St. Petersburg writer, calling himself “the new Nabokov”. In his work, by his own definition, he reveals “aspects of love between adults and children, starting from infancy.” And also asks philosophical questions, until the evil society to be so blinkered? And what could be more natural than sex with a newborn?

most women researchers was amazed that my site that “the new Nabokov” is completely free!

– In the guest book of his website and in comments openly grazing pedophile get-together with their deliberations and advice – according to human rights activist. And in Roskomnadzor believe that it is legal, only “hudlit”! The Network gets the information that this writer LOKIS supposedly already died. But, anyway, his cause lives on: his website someone scribbles as the machine gun, daily updating relevant content. And whoever he was, but reprint requests to specify the authorship Lokisa and even donate money to the writer for further work. Is there and email address of the “the new Nabokov” and the editor of its website.

Once one pedophile online, easily find other – according to the researchers, they cling to each other as the infinite wide web.

– If doing a lot of reading of the forum we had a faint hope that all this is someone’s poor joke, then saw the forum topics, any doubt we have lost, – they continue. How and where to meet the kids? How to make so that the child did not tell your parents? Where summer go to look at naked children, what beaches, who knows? The nuances of sexual relations between father and daughter.

Studying the forum, the human rights activist came across detailed instructions for pedophiles, recommended by experienced users to beginners.

– Starts with the words “Welcome to a unique step-by-step guide to safe and happy sex with children!”

as proof that they have “all the moves written,” human rights activist demonstrate links to and screenshots, which the unaware reader becomes uncomfortable. Here are some quotes:

“This guide will teach you how to achieve safe and not traumatic sexual relations with a child.”

“There are people who want to have love experience with newborn babies. There is nothing fundamentally wrong. There is one “but”. The problem is that newborn babies are extremely fragile and sensitive to physical contact. So we in this guide do not authorize and do not support children’s love with children up to 1 year. Year-old child is still a baby but not a newborn and it is much safer.”

“There is one important drawback. The majority of children aged 2 to 4 years not able to keep secrets for long. Our official recommendation regarding the ideal age at onset of sexual practices – 5 years. In children below this age, active and pronounced sexuality, self-identity, as well as sufficient awareness of issues of sexuality. So both of you will get a lot of sexual intimacy and learning.”

“You’re a pedophile, and there is lonely and unhappy children waiting for you, while you sit at home and read it. There are also children who would love to become your special other��of game and lovers”.

– We confirm quote screen, because believe it is incredibly difficult! – says Lidia Panova. – Particularly dangerous section “How to find a child.” For example, there are instructions on how to lure a child by using dog sports or play groups. I advise you to choose the search location of the school, recommend shadowing. And then follow the recommendations on sexual intercourse with children.

– They write as if quite naturally, when the Pope teaches sexuality his little daughter, while the mother does the same with the son, horrified human rights activists. – Then sister and brother can continue on their own to enjoy each other. Perhaps, later your aunt and uncle or grandparents will want to join the fun!

Recalling that they have links and screenshots of all these resources, Lydia and Natalie are encouraged to pay attention to that pedophile sites are numerous referring to a kind of “sect senatov” to the public “No school” 22 thousand subscribers in the social network Vkontakte. The head of the sect sinatov openly allows himself that such attacks:

“Why can’t I just go and buy a baby? I do not understand. Not only that, this pointless ban in force across at least minimally civilized world, an entire sector of the economy (buying/selling of children) is put under the ban, so more people big damage — both adults and by children.”

We were asked to comment on the situation of the lawyer Maya Shevtsov:

Recently the country was shocked by the story of 9-year-old Lisa Kiseleva, Saratov became a victim of a pedophile. To prevent such tragedies, law enforcement agencies must take an active role in the fight against those who believe that pedophiles have rights, and defends them. A pedophile is not sexual orientation and the threat to society is a mental disorder.

Roskomnadzor is investigating the illegal activity of websites registered as mass media. The rest belongs to the competence of law enforcement agencies. Integrity of the child is protected by law. But the criminal code does not provide for liability for pedophilia until sexual contact with an adult child.

Accordingly, as long as pedophiles are not moving from the discussion of sex with children to action, there is no corpus delicti. In some regions local acts will be punished with administrative fines for propaganda of pedophilia, but at the Federal level it is not fixed. Legislative initiatives on amendments to bring disseminators of information for pedophiles, a lot, but none of them is not accepted.

What can we do?

Along with calling the police, send to the Registrar of the domain name, where was ��AIT, and to request removal of the website due to the fact that it contains the information that promotes unconventional sexual relationships, referring to FL-436 “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”.

Also on request from a law enforcement Agency or attorney, the recorder can provide all the information about the owner of the site on which it is possible to establish the identity of the organizer.

if someone of the subscribers of the resource commit a crime, along with the contractor to be responsible to involve the owner of the site as instigator or organizer of the crime. The instigator is the person who incited another person to commit a crime in any way. The organizer is a person who created an organized group or criminal community. In my opinion, the crime in this case is obvious.

My opinion: if there was a precedent for the prosecution of the Creator of such a site (forum) as the organizer of the crime, that wanting to arrange such would be less.