Leuven, Strangers in the night from Sunday to Monday, the cars damaged in the parking lot of The Bond at the train station in Leuven, belgium. When the police ran various reports.

“Our delivery van was there since Saturday to 19 hours in the park position. This morning (Monday, ed.). turned out to be a driver’s side window smashed” is a proof of Bert Johnson, of iFixers on the Bondgenotenlaan. “In the other car were window panes shattered. It has been there for us, nothing was stolen.” At the toll booth, the parking lot was broken into. “Then he went to the perpetrators with the cash to get, and also the damages made,” says politiewoordvoerder Nicolas Del Piero.

The police have is surveillance video of the parking lot, and out of the area to see that the perpetrators can be traced. Also, for a hotel at the martyr’s square was a front door is damaged. It is not yet clear how many victims there are.