There are categories of people for whom getting a mortgage often turns into a quest – banks consider these customers problem and often deny them. The interest in mortgage lending in the near future may increase due to running the program of preferential mortgage it for a loan for housing Russians at 6.5% per annum.

But the procedure for approval of the preferential mortgage is the same as for standard loans. In the real estate company “Metrium” said that the difficulty of obtaining mortgages tended to have workers with the “gray” wages, entrepreneurs, foreigners, pensioners and young people up to 21 years, citizens with little experience or existing failures in obtaining loans.

These clients are in a kind of banking risk. When the “grey” salary Bank can not get official confirmation of the income of the potential borrower, and in the case of non-working pensioners or young people fears that the client “will not pull” monthly payments. Also in terms of the pandemic and the crisis of the difficulty in obtaining mortgages may have businessmen and employees of the most affected sectors, e.g., services.

At the same time, say realtors, there are techniques that can help to obtain a mortgage even in difficult situations. For example, if the person is employed, together with a copy of the work book it can not provide a certificate 2-pit and a certificate in the form of the Bank. There the employer may specify the actual size of the salary, even if part of it is not taxed.

in addition, there is a mortgage on the two documents. In this case, to report the income is not necessary at all, and in addition a passport is enough to provide a driver’s license, military ID or other document. However, often in such the mortgage banks will require high down payments – in the region of 30-50%.

At a low basic income the client makes sense to show additional sources of funds – for example, income from rent, interest on deposits. It is also possible to attract co-borrower – a relative or acquaintance which meets the requirements of the Bank.