Who would not be able to issue electronic hospital quarantine

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the Mechanism of remote hospital quarantine very fresh: the opportunity came on 20 March. So the scheme of actions of citizens, who are accustomed to normal sick leave, is not obvious. And given the fact that the subject remote hospital decided to advertise in airports and railway stations, the flow of those wanting to grow.

to Clarify the issues that can arise from a person attempting to formalize their quarantine, agreed by the official representative of the Nizhny Novgorod regional branch FSS Yuri Gabrov. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, but the Fund said that in the Nizhny Novgorod region opened a separate “hot line”, devoted to this topic.

Question first. The hospital opened remotely, how close?

sick leave quarantine closes itself medical institution, and the Fund associated with the employer. Person to go anywhere is not necessary.

the Only thing: if he felt bad after he discovered this sick, it is necessary to call the doctor. Then e-hospital quarantine is closed, and a new sick – offer.

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In other cases, any contact with the FSS, healthcare organizations, employer – can be eliminated. Regarding the choice of one of Sevelgkih medical organizations, proposed to make during the design of the hospital, for the applicant it does not matter. They are selected in order to distribute the workload among the workflow.

second Question. What is considered the opening date of the hospital?

determined by resolution of the government No. 294 from 18.03.2020.

the Period of sick leave will be 14 calendar days from the date of crossing the border.

the third Question. If you do not hold a travel document, what to do?

just a picture of a passport. First, the page with photograph and other personal data. Second, the page with marks about crossing of border of the Russian Federation.

Question four. What if I make a mistake in the data of his employer?

the Fund identificeret of the insured, i.e., who hired you for the job itself. Two-step verification: participant and the Pension Fund. If you have any questions – you will be contacted for additional clarification. Error – not a reason for refusal to issue a medical certificate.

the fifth Question. Can refuse in registration of the remote hospital quarantine?

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Over the past few days revealed only one ground of refusal if the sick leave quarantine already issued.

For example, you wrote a statement through the FSS website, and then “err,” calling on the doctor’s house. “Full-time” hospital and quarantine began to take shape faster: the system is fixed, and therefore the duplication of sick leave will not. All status of registration of the sick leave the applicant can track in your account on the website FSS.

the sixth Question. What is the size of payments for such hospital, is it different from regular?

No, the sum is no different. The only difference in the accrual scheme. The payment you will receive in two stages. The first – for last 5 working days or 7 calendar with the opening dates of the hospital. Second – for the remaining days.

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according to managing the Novosibirsk branch of FSS, Vladimir Golubkov, first payment on the applications of citizens in the region have already begun. And he explained: “the Mechanism of registration of sick-lists in electronic form in our region is established, this format applies from 2017”.

so, how to issue an electronic certificate for incapacity for work.

Step one. to go to the website of the social insurance Fund – fss.ru

Step two. an application.

Step three. Upload a photo of documents – passport, tickets, confirming the border crossing (in the FSS said that the fit photos taken from the smartphone. Do not have to scan documents).

According to this algorithm, the hospital can take, not just those who have returned from overseas, but living together with them workers.

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But such a scheme available only to those authorized (registered) on the portal of state Services.

so, go to the website http://fss.ru

In the heart of BAnner “Submit application for issuance of the national liberation army (e-certificate for incapacity for work)”. Click on it. The system redirects to the site “state Services”. Enter the username and password from the personal Cabinet “Services” and only after that be in a private office FSS.

Next fill in the “Application for issuance of electronic certificate of incapacity”. It’s pretty simple, given that many data are automatically transferred from your personal account “Services”. If earlier some information was not included on the “public Services”, you will have to fill the field “INN”, “SNILS”, “policy Number of compulsory health insurance.”

looking at regions for example, Novosibirsk oblast, in the next column – medical organization. In Novosibirsk the Ministry of health has identified three authorized medical institution – polyclinic # 1, 2 and 16. You can select any.

Data on the insured (the employer) it is better to fill themselves, it will expedite the appointment of payments.

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In General, with the authorization to “public Services” on the design of the national liberation army via personal Cabinet FSS will take quite some time – up to 20 minutes maximum. If not check on the “public Services”, the hospital doctor will issue that you want to call home.

it is Clear that to register on the “public Services” and to have a confirmed account, and with it access to all services of the portal, quickly fail. Confirmation will take several days to weeks. And you may need a personal visit to the service center.

a quarantine on the quarantine order to stay home.

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