Who works and who stays at home a week by presidential decree

the number of structures, which for a long weekend to go can not, referred to “continuously operating and medical organizations, providing the population with food and supplies, performing emergency work under conditions of emergency and urgent repairs, loading and unloading”. Authorities of different levels, as well as media document calls for the determination of the number of staff that will provide work in a long weekend.

the Official explanation of the Ministry of labor for the week on Thursday at the time of writing was not yet. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” conducted a survey to find out the services which organizations and in what format can still be accessible to the citizens during the long weekend.

Photo: iStock Central Bank gave recommendations to banks on the work in the coming long weekend

As reported in the Federal tax service (FNS), from 27 March to 3 April in inspections across the country will be organized reception of citizens solely on the online pre-entry. For applicants with children and people aged over 65 years service will be unavailable. Make all correspondence, including tax and financial statements in paper format, will be exclusively through the box.

Banks, the Central Bank has recommended for a long weekend to switch to similar work in the Christmas holidays and, if necessary, to determine the list of duty offices, informing about the schedule of their work and the addresses on their websites.

the Regulator stressed that the results of the companies of means for payment of salaries and other socially important objectives had to be ensured.

Later, Sberbank announced that his office will work on the mode of the day. The press service of VTB at the request of “the Russian newspaper” did not answer.

the Tax office will continue to work, but will take citizens with the restriction and only online pre-entry

For a long weekend modified schedule multi-service centers providing state and municipal services (MFC). For example, in the Moscow region they go to work by appointment only. Residents over 65 will be able to access public services at home. Staff will visit the applicant’s place and time with the equipment. In the Rostov region authorities have decided to close the MFC. On Thursday announced the Governor of the region Vasily Golubev. “Mail of Russia” at the time of preparation of the material response to the request is not provided. Not understanding the format of the work in a long weekend in the real estate agencies, insurance companies and mobile operators (in some shops).

Photo: iStock Employers can give emergency loans to pay salaries

But the agricultural and food industry announced that they are going to work in a regular mode. The Ministry of agriculture pointed out that the organization providing the population with food and essential commodities, fall in the list of those who are not covered by the presidential decree.

Manufacturers of essential goods from 30 March to 5 April will continue to work in two shifts, consumers will be provided with all the necessary goods during this period, assured in “Rusprodsoyuz”. Talking about the same thing and food manufacturers. Thus, Cherkizovo said that “meat products will be produced in volumes sufficient for uninterrupted supply of consumers”. Even theoretically can not stop the production of the dairy industry. “Cows on the farms will not cease to give milk, the raw material need to process and deliver products to the stores, because even at the quarantine vacation buyers will cease to purchase dairy products,” – said General Director of “Soyuzmoloko” Artem Belov. Holidays may be entered for employees, which does not depend on the production process, he said. Juices, water and soft drinks will be produced in the same mode, because also belong to the food category, said the President of the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks and mineral waters (WIS) Maxim Novikov.

Couriers delivery services remain in the ranks and even go into high alert mode. They expect the influx of orders from the citizens who stay at home

In the midst of the sowing campaign. Involved workers for a long weekend will not go away.

the Mode of operation of the Moscow exchange from 30 March to 3 April will be the same period of nationwide holidays such as new year or may holidays. It specified that, to ensure continuity of the financial market and its participants during nationwide holidays will be performed only the most necessary functions for the organization of trading, clearing and settlement.

In the ranks remain the couriers delivery services. “Yandex.Food” and “Yandex.Shop” will operate on the regular schedule, to provide food and products of those who remain at home. “We have already advised the restaurants, running on a platform that is operationally ready for an influx of orders and help to cope with them if they decide to continue to work on the delivery. If necessary, our partners will bring on line more courier”, – said the representative of services. In Delivery Club said that in anticipation of the increase in orders from the citizens who remain at home, move to high alert.